2022 Africa Day Celebration: Pan-African Youth Union Vice President, Dr. Oladele John Nihi Emphasize on Need to Strengthen Security in Order to Achieve Food Sustainability on the Continent

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On May 25 1963, leaders of 30 of the 32 independent African states signed the founding charter of the African Union in Addis Ababa, to begin a one Africa we all dream to have.
Africa being a strategic, and blessed continent need to unite and harness all resources ranging from human resources, mineral resources, and economy, to take their rightful position amongst world powers.

On this year’s celebration of the African Day by all Member States and the African Union, on the Theme: “Strengthening Resilience in Nutrition and Food Security on the African Continent”. While our Leaders are looking closely into providing food security on the continent and to eradicate malnutrition, it is more important that we as a continent also explore the area of securing lives and livelihoods of every African across the continent and in the diaspora. Without adequate security for lives and sources of livelihoods, our Leaders efforts towards providing food security on the continent would be in vain.

The Vice President West Africa of the Pan-African Youth Union (PYU), stated that the West Africa region for instance is currently faced by threats of insecurities as a result of insurgency and terroristic attacks by various identified and unidentified groups, making securing of lives and sources of livelihoods almost impossible for the Leaders. He then urged that this should be addressed collectively as a continent, before our farmers can return to farms without having to constantly watch their backs for safety.

While noting that post COVID-19 pandemic and the adverse effects of climate change makes it extremely important to start addressing malnutrition and food insecurity across the continent; as Africa faces stark development challenges, including food insecurity and increasing malnutrition. These are amplified by global crises, include COVID-19 and climate change and other natural disasters including population explosion in countries like Nigeria.

Dr. Oladele John Nihi affirmed that Africans needs to be sensitized on the need to take environmental care more seriously by encouraging afforestation and agriculture to address shortage of food and poor atmospheric condition of our environments.

His Excellency, Dr Oladele John Nihi then join with the rest of world Leaders to wish Africa a happy African Day Celebration 2022

Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta,
Head Media and Publicity
Office of the Vice President West Africa,
Pan-African Youth Union (PYU).

25th May, 2022.

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