2023 ELECTIONS. THE OBI/DATTI ADVOCACY, COMPLETE FALLACY- Arc. Babatunde Davids Ogunniyi aka KOMOH Chairman New Season Group of companies

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When the Cork crows, the farmers know its a new day. Mothers and fathers tend to get to prepare for that new day. In the cities the alarm clock does the same and people prepare for the day. These sets of people are only on one category. The like minds of been responsible. It is a choice for these category of people to feel mandated to start thier clock themselves. But, when in an environment the cock crows for nothing and the alarm bells makes no sense. It’s like going to the river to fetch water with a broken calabash hoping the water will not leak off before you get home. What am I saying in all these. The Nigeria and the Nigerian mentality that I know and deal with everyday are not really for such change that will bring them from squalor to riches in a short time.
I sat down and made appraisal of my Nigeria today. It’s in a state of ‘weep not child’ because the adversary are the people themselves. The problem does not necessarily lie with the leadership, but mainly the followership. Nigerians a generally timid. The approach are always subtle when it comes to reacting to the government. There is a popular saying. That those who benefit from a system will protect it at all cost. It doesn’t matter if the system is good or bad. I’m not saying Obi/Datti ticket is bad, but the choice is not what Nigerians need now.
With population over 200 million, of which 20% lives abroad with 3main tribes of different mind set. The influence of any government that will rule Nigeria today must be dynamic enough to be sustainable to stand. What do mean by this.

  1. Accountability as a word does not exist in the dictionary of an average Nigeria. Accountable to who?
    I have met someone without a job who was advertising the person with a job that the salary was too small. I’d rather sit at home than take that salary. What it actually implies is that. I’d rather steal than work. The average young person in Nigeria believe he or she is invisible enough to live above thier means without any consequences. Moving to Lagos from the village only guarantees you opportunities, but not remembering the pain in gains. I have mentored many and you see how they feel l, but in honesty it’s just because of thier present plight. Giving people jobs used to be a life line but in Nigeria today, it’s an opportunity to loot. Both in public and private sector. People might ask if I live in Nigeria. No I don’t, but with investment and resources we have brought into Nigeria in the last five years of over 3million dollars gives an indication that is cast in stone about the mentality of an average Nigerian in office.
  2. Economy. The decademce in our economy today cannot be fixed in a giffiy as it was not rotten in a small time. The devaluation of the naira will make anyone sweat through the nose to make any form of significant profit in the Nigeria economy today. As a capital project analyst. The margin between investment and the return on such investment is such that the investor is tied down otherwise they can count thier losses and leave. If there are no rebates and subsidies the like of Dangote, Otedola and other multinationals will not exist anymore. We have seen long standing businesses collapse, even abroad. The likes of Adams clothing in the UK. Woolsworth in the UK and we have also had mergers. Most JVs are as a result of someone saving someone or saving themselves. So the level where it takes only the few to eat common bread that system is dead gone.
  3. Families. The word family has become almost a taboo in the Nigeria today. Its everyone for themselves. That is why I personnal feel for the older generation, whose taxes where used to look after the younger generation. This younger generation are to get to work so that thier taxes could be used to pay the pension of the older generation. So where the younger generation are not there to work, how will the older generation not die out. And that saying that only of the elders are not in the market place will you find a baby’s head turned wronly. The truth is the baby’s legs are also dragging in the sand, because the elders are long gone. Our families have been divided. Many young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years are not at home, neither are they in school or learning a trade. They are HUSTLING. When will they know that the horse must come before the cart. Family should always come first in any society. The popular saying that the child that is not trained will eventually sell the house you have build.
  4. Work culture and Orientation. The Bible says if a man does not work he most not eat. Nigerian go to work, but on the average is to destroy where they are working. Either directly or indirectly. A permanent secretary who has numerous registered companies that can secure all project from his ministry is eating his cake and having it back. This singular example has killed the private sector.. It has also affected the culture of the working environment in the Nigeria system. Making a one off scape goatimg does not advocate change or deterant, but it is only seen as a sign of where enemity starts from. An IG from the south is only disgraced and removed because the president or Senate president thinks he is not his brother.. On such appointments we praise, once the friendship goes sour everyone complaints. The working culture is so bad in Nigeria that workers have the odacity to tell you Friday is half day. If you don’t come early we might have gone. Seriously, Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that take the most holidays in the year. It is only in Nigeria will a civil servant will buy or build houses in exotic areas and no one questions the man. Good seized on blackmail. Nigeria is where the government extort you for a service it’s not providing. One of our commercial properties was compelled to pay for water rate in a state in Nigeria, where we made our own borehole, connection pipes and taps. The government requested our organisation to pay
    The police charges 10% when they recover money from culprit. I was told a story the police in a state was supporting a rapist against the victim. Where the girl was the only child and they were poor. The conscience of many working class people are dead.

5.Religion and Hypocrisy . Our devides continues in this part as religion. Many have been brainwashed by thier so called pastors and immam. Taking money, money money. How can a church build it’s schools from collecting money from the same people, whose kids can’t afford the same schools they built.. Shameful. I have seen and heard where alfas go to wedding, naming burials only to syphone monies from people. It is all laughable. The fly around while the followers are working bare feet. Churches are now business centres where funds are raised and get passed on to children as inheritance.
Where does Obi/Datti stand in all these mess. The provoking this is they are coming in as if these things are not there. If you give someone a job they will make excuses. The salary is small. If you send them to school. They will not go to class. The amount of money spent on fuel subsidy is enough to build more than one brand new refinary. The mass movement you see today is due to ASU strike. I can assure you that most of these youth don’t have PVC to vote. I’m yet to see any meaningful impact even in terms of planning. The constitution of rulership is not holistic enough for good governance. The people are not equipped enough for the offices they run. How can an enterprenuer lack basic support as start up loan from a bank? How can youth not deserve bursary to go to school?
Why should farmers continue to use hoes and cutlass in 2022. How can we still have 0%power supply. I know very hard working investors and employer of labour who run all their services on generator. I know 100% Obi/Datti cannot do this even it they have one term of 6years. Not because Mr Obi is not smart. But the campaign lacks the fundamentals to tackle our day-to-day problems of common Nigerian.. These people lack the feeling of common man.. The gap is so much that the sensitivity of human empathy is gone. But this is no time to cry or self pity. This is the time to decide.. Either to continue to live in squalor or make a bold statement of starting all over. Personally,. I’ll rather die trying to make my people better than give up on them. But for me GET RID is my slogan not Obi/Datti.
The choice is ours either we choose to make heaven or hell.

I rest my case.

Long live Nigeria at 62

Happy independence


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