A Quick Peak into the Personality, Osaseyi: How He is Re-modifying Partisan Politics and Youth Political Participation through Humanitarian Services

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Osaseyi a name gradually idolized as a household slang in major Okun communities due to an outburst of massive philanthropic acts carried out by Mr Richard Osaseyi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Osaseyi Foundation over the years.

His commitment towards community development, repositioning and empowerment of youths, has earned him a leadership right as most preferred youth commander and critical stakeholder of the All Progressive Congress, his community OKoro Gbede, Ijumu Local Government Area, and Kogi State.

Being a business tycoon, Osaseyi for decades has been directing his resources and energy towards youth empowerment through scholarship schemes, vocational skills acquisition programs, and providing startups for small and medium scale businesses as required. All these he has been able to achieve through his foundation.

As a politician, Richard Osaseyi places the victory of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), above his personal political needs and agenda, and focus on helping the party attain victory on all fronts by making available necessary resources and mechanisms required by the party and candidates contesting for elective positions. Also as a committed party man, Osaseyi is always physically available to render his morale support to the party during activities at all levels of functions.

For instance, at the just concluded both National and state Assembly Primary Elections conducted by the APC in Iyara headquarters of Ijumu Local Government Area and KAbba-Bunu, Osaseyi was physically present as usual to cheer and support his party as required. When approached by the Press for an interview during his long stay at the Primary Election ground, Osaseyi made it clear that his contributions to his party and humanity is for the collective interest of his people. And above all, that he is more than willing and ready to always give support to the Government of the day where necessary.

Encomiums and eulogies by Youth organizations, Women groups, and other sister nongovernmental organizations in the state keeps pouring in to applaud the activities of Richard Osaseyi through his foundation.

Recently his Foundation in partnership with the Kogi State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology facilitated a scholarship scheme that cut across twenty public schools in Ijumu Local Government Area, awarding school fees grants to five best students in each schools, rewarded twenty most outstanding teachers from the schools amongst other activities.

Amongst other laudable activities of the Osaseyi Foundation ranging from provision of portable water supply in communities, Osaseyi Foundation recently secured the release of seven Prisoners who could not for years meet up with fine attached to their release conditions, and also integrated them back into the society by enrolling them for skills acquisition programs backed with cash donations, as facilitated by the representative of the Foundation, Hon. Ibikunle Amodu Abubakar.

One can clearly state that Osaseyi Foundation is just getting started with service to humanity.

Kelvin Olu-Mola Eleta ,
Content Developer.
27th May, 2022.

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