Aare Oodua Commends Governor Usman Ododo’s Openness to Reconciliation and Affirms Kogi State’s Salary Payment Integrity

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***highlights positive developments and addresses opposition propaganda during radio interview

***Says Chief of Staff, Alhaji Ali Bello will compliment the governor’s efforts in serving the people

Lagos, Nigeria – In a recent interview on 98.3 Mainland FM, Lagos, Aare Oodua, Engr. Muritala Salau Audu, shared insightful comments on the state of Kogi and Governor Usman Ododo’s commitment to progress, unity, and equitable governance. The Aare Oodua commended Governor Ododo’s willingness to reconcile with all stakeholders ready to move Kogi State forward, while also shedding light on the state’s salary payment integrity.

Speaking on the issue of staff salaries, Engr. Muritala Salau Audu emphasized that the Kogi State government had remained up to date in salary payments. Contrary to opposition claims, he stated that only those who had taken loans faced deductions directly from their income. These deductions, he noted, were the cause of the noise about unpaid salaries, which had since diminished after the election.

He further added, “The rumors surrounding the non-payment of salaries have been nothing more than political propaganda from the opposition. Today, we no longer hear such complaints because the Governor has fulfilled his promises and ensured timely disbursement of salaries.”

Engr. Muritala Salau Audu also spoke highly of Governor Usman Ododo’s plans to employ workers where there is a genuine need. Highlighting the Governor’s commitment to good governance, he underlined that the employment process would be conducted at the appropriate time in order to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, Engr. Muritala Salau Audu expressed his belief in Governor Usman Ododo’s determination to unite the people of Kogi State. He opined that Ododo would uphold any gentleman’s arrangement to ensure a power shift to the Kogi West Senatorial District, thus establishing a fair and equitable distribution of power across the state.

As Aare Oodua, Engr. Muritala Salau Audu’s remarks serve as an endorsement of Governor Usman Ododo’s tenure, recognizing the progress achieved and the administration’s ongoing efforts to improve the lives of the people in Kogi State. The statement also sheds light on the state government’s commitment to salary payment accuracy, dispelling previous inaccurate claims by the opposition.

With Governor Usman Ododo’s vision for reconciliation and inclusivity, Kogi State stands poised to take further strides towards unity, development, and prosperity under his leadership.

He noted Bello’s integrity, down-to-earth approach, and commitment to the common man.

Aare Oodua praised governor Usman Ododo for his great work and also highlighted the Chief of Staff, Alhaji Ali Bello’s ability to complement the governor’s efforts.

He described Bello as a man of integrity and a down-to-earth politician with the common man’s interest at heart who is experienced and how it will complement the governor’s efforts in serving the people.

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