Aare Oodua Engr Muritala Salau Audu commends military for upholding democracy in Nigeria

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Aare Oodua Engr Muritala Salau Audu, has commended the Nigerian military for their resolute commitment to sustaining the democratic process in Nigeria.

This commendation comes in the wake of statements made by Gen. Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, reaffirming the military’s support for the democratically elected government.

During his operational visit and inauguration of facilities at Headquarters 6 Division of the Nigeria Army in Port Harcourt, Gen. Musa expressed his contentment with the current democratic system in Nigeria.

He emphasized that the armed forces are happy and perform better under democracy, and as such, have no intentions of acting against a democratically elected government.

Furthermore, Gen. Musa condemned any calls for a military intervention, labeling them as unpatriotic and an indication of a lack of love for Nigeria.

He emphasized that the Armed Forces of Nigeria is dedicated to protecting democracy and will continue to support it.

In light of the challenges facing Nigeria, Gen. Musa urged all citizens to rally behind the government and work together to overcome the present circumstances. He stated that the government had initiated actionable measures to address these challenges, and it is the duty of all citizens to unite and support these efforts.

Musa pledged the military’s loyalty to the government and assured the nation that the armed forces would preserve peace and order in the country. He encouraged unity and collaboration in the face of adversities, expressing confidence that the country would emerge from its trying period stronger and more resilient.

In response to these sentiments, Aare Oodua Engr Muritala Salau Audu commended the military for their unwavering dedication to upholding democracy in Nigeria. He echoed Gen. Musa’s call for unity and collaboration, emphasizing the importance of working together to defeat the enemies of the government and the nation.

With the military’s public stance on supporting the democratically elected government, it is evident that a strong sense of democracy and unity prevails in Nigeria, paving the way for progress and national stability.

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