Abandoned Court of Appeal Complex in Enugu State Raises Concerns

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The state of the Court of Appeal complex in Enugu state has sparked major concerns among legal professionals and the general public. The once grand building, which served as a hub for delivering justice in the region, now lies abandoned and in a state of disrepair.

Lawyer Chinaza M. Egwuatu, in a petition addressed to relevant authorities, highlighted the dire situation at the Court of Appeal complex. The abandoned building has not only become an eyesore but also a hindrance to the efficient administration of justice in Enugu and Ebonyi states.

With the temporary Court of Appeal building in GRA, Enugu proving inadequate for the demands of the judiciary, the need to restore and rehabilitate the original complex has become more pressing than ever. The delay in addressing this issue has raised questions about the commitment of the government and relevant authorities to ensure the seamless functioning of the judicial system.

Egwuatu’s petition, made under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, seeks answers to critical questions regarding the reasons for the abandonment of the Court of Appeal complex, efforts being made to restore the building, timelines for the rehabilitation process, challenges faced, and when the judges can expect to return to their permanent chambers.

The call for transparen incy and accountability in addressing the state of the Court of Appeal complex is a crucial step towards restoring the functionality of this vital judicial facility. As legal professionals and concerned citizens continue to advocate for action, the fate of the abandoned building remains uncertain.

It is imperative that the authorities take swift and decisive measures to revive the Court of Appeal complex in Enugu state, ensuring that justice is served without delay. The future of the judicial system in the region depends on the restoration of this once esteemed institution.

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