Alh Ali Bello Appointed as Chief of Staff, A Testimony of Dedication and Commitment towards New Direction Agenda-Agenda-Convener of the National Coalition for Progressives

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Kogi State, Nigeria – In a move that has been highly praised by many, Alh Ali Bello has been appointed as the Chief of Staff to the 5th Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alh. Ahmed Usman Ododo. This appointment is seen as a testament to Bello’s dedication and commitment towards the realization of the New Direction.

In an official statement, Engr. Muritala Salau Audu, the Convener of the National Coalition for Progressives, described Bello as a “round peg in a round hole”, highlighting his suitability for the position. Audu also expressed optimism that Bello’s wealth of experience will be instrumental in achieving the continuity mandate of the Ododo administration.

The appointment of Bello has been greeted with widespread congratulatory messages from both political figures and members of the public. It is seen as a recognition of his hard work and contributions towards the development of Kogi State.

Bello, known for his strong work ethic and managerial abilities, has an impressive track record in public service. Prior to his appointment, he served in various government positions, displaying passion and a desire for positive change.

Speaking on his appointment, Bello expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the state and promised to use his expertise in achieving the New Direction Agenda. He pledged to work closely with the governor and other members of the administration in order to bring about the desired progress.

The New Direction Agenda, initiated by the Ododo administration, aims to transform Kogi State through various sectors such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, agriculture, and employment opportunities. With Bello’s appointment as the Chief of Staff, it is expected that his experience and dedication will be key in the implementation and realization of these objectives.

The people of Kogi State have high hopes for the future, as they believe Bello’s appointment signifies the continued commitment of the Ododo administration towards good governance and development. They expect that his appointment will bring about positive change and further advance the New Direction Agenda.

As Alh Ali Bello assumes his new role, he is set to face numerous challenges, but with his determination and proficiency, there is optimism that he will navigate through them successfully. The people of Kogi State eagerly anticipate the progress and positive impact that his appointment will bring.

In conclusion, Alh Ali Bello’s appointment as the Chief of Staff to the 5th Executive Governor of Kogi State has been met with widespread congratulatory messages. Seen as a testament to his dedication towards the New Direction Agenda, Bello’s wealth of experience is expected to contribute significantly to the continuity mandate of the administration. The people of Kogi State look forward to the positive changes that his appointment will bring as the state continues on its path of development.

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