Amb. Oladele John Nihi, Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Governor Seeks Blessings and Support from Prominent Philanthropist

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In a bid to strengthen ties and garner support for the Kogi State government, Ambassador Oladele John Nihi, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, paid a visit to Barrister Tunde Ayeni at his Abuja office earlier today. The purpose of the visit was to present his appointment letter to Ayeni, seeking his blessings, advice, and continued support.

During the meeting, Ambassador Nihi expressed his gratitude to Ayeni for his unwavering support during the electioneering process that led to Governor Ododo’s victory. He acknowledged Ayeni’s significant contributions and emphasized the importance of his continued support for the government’s future endeavors.

Ambassador Nihi, representing Governor Ododo, conveyed his deep appreciation for Ayeni’s commitment to the development and progress of Kogi State. He highlighted the positive impact of Ayeni’s support, which played a crucial role in securing the victory that the state is currently celebrating.

The Chief Press Secretary also took the opportunity to discuss the government’s plans and initiatives for the future. He sought Ayeni’s guidance and assistance in ensuring the successful implementation of these programs, which aim to improve the lives of the people of Kogi State.

Barrister Tunde Ayeni, a prominent philanthropist and influential figure, has been actively involved in various developmental projects across Nigeria. His philanthropic efforts have touched the lives of many, particularly in the areas of education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

As the meeting concluded, Ambassador Nihi expressed his optimism for a fruitful partnership between the Kogi State government and Barrister Ayeni. He reiterated the government’s commitment to delivering on its promises and working tirelessly to uplift the state and its people.

The visit serves as a testament to the government’s dedication to fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders and influential individuals. It also highlights the importance of collaboration and support from prominent figures like Barrister Tunde Ayeni in achieving sustainable development and progress.

With the blessings and support of Barrister Ayeni, the Kogi State government aims to continue its transformative agenda, ensuring the welfare and prosperity of its citizens.

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