Another Assault On Kogi State Vault by Governor Yahaya Bello- Kogi PDP

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The news that Kogi State House of Assembly has approved the request by Governor Yahaya Bello to borrow the sum of N3 billion Naira to fund the Nigeria Covid 19 Action Recovery & Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) Projects in the state, comes to us, as a big surprise and rude shock, as it sums to another conduit pipe on the economy of the struggling state.

In a statement signed by, the Director Media and Communications of the PDP in Kogi state, Comrade Dayo Onibiyo, the party stated that: “We do not understand, when Governor Yahaya Bello and his Anti-COVID 19 Governemnt, became COVID 19 apostles, so much that, they now, feels so.patriotic about it, to the extent of wanting to borrow money to implement it’s projects”. It went ahead to add that, this is not just an embarrassment to indigenes of the state, but disgusting and yet another another rape of the purse of the state.

It should be noted that, once the loan is approved by whichever, organisation or body, purportedly granting it in the name of Kogi state to Yahaya Bello, it is entered as a DEBT that is incumbent on the state to service. Must Yahaya Bello make life more unbearable for us, and just how much debts is Yahaya Bello going to drown that state in?

The party is deeply worried at the rate at which Yahaya BELLO’s APC led Government is throwing the state into the depth of debts and gradually making the state a walking stick in the committee of states.

We appeal to whichever, body or organization that, this notorious so called loan is being sorted from, to refuse granting it; as its supposed repayment will be vehemently resisted and treated as joint fraud, perpetrated to the disadvantage of the state and to which they have being forewarned.

Again, it brings to fore our call on all eligible voters in the state to get the APC out of Kogi state by voting the PDP, as that is the only way to reposition the state.

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