APC And The Muslim- Muslim Gambit

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By Gbenga Bright

As the battle for 2023 presidential general  election intensifies, it is expected that all political parties promote what will further bring us together as a nation and not the other way round.

The insensitive manner at which El-Rufai and some top APC leaders are championing and projecting the Muslim-Muslim ticket option is so embarrassing and call for concerns from all Patriotic Nigerians irrespective of political affiliation.
With the fragile situation of the contrary, I do not believe any of the leader of the ruling APC will still be thinking in the direction of one religious ticket.
For instance, Gov El-Rufai of Kaduna State is currently running a Muslim-Muslim ticket in Kaduna State without minding the terrible religious situation of Kaduna and want same replicated nationally when he is yet to solve the plethora of problems it generated by his action.

2022 is not the same as 1993, where there are still high level of religious harmony and tolerance among Nigerians. Aside political issues and unrest, nothing has threatened the existence and unity of this country like religious card. It  is therefore, expected that they do not aggravate the existing shaky situation in the country because of power.

Anything contrary to having a balance ticket will further  confirm that the leadership of APC as a political party do not bother or care about the UNITY of Nigeria. The desperation to retain power at all cost is there first take against the peace and unity of Nigeria in an unholy collaboration with some narcissistic individuals who are only concerned about what they will benefit personally in the event that APC wins.
They seems not bothered about majority of Nigerians but themselves alone in that power clique, in a bid to hold and fix into power.

Those who are planning a Muslim-Muslim ticket should be reminded of what was the outcome of the MKO Abiola and Kingibe’s ticket in 1993. I expect APC leadership to as a matter of national urgency to at least proffer an expedient solution to the current challenges facing us a country as Buhari govt winds up gradually, that of course, should be there concern and not how to amplify the already strain situation of the country.
We can not fix the country without peace!

God Bless Nigeria!

Gbenga Bright

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