APC Has Shown Why They Can’t Rule Nigeria Successfully- Kogi PDP

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For a party that had finished listening to it’s aspirants as at 1am, and by 7am is not yet to conclude voting, surely has shown a great deal of why they have failed ruling Nigeria adrift, considering man hours lost on precious working days in the life of a struggling and bleeding nation.

It is very sad and pathetic, that, first the party had the wrong gut to sell Presidential form for N100m of tax payers hard earned money under a terribly poor economy supervised by it, the APC/ Buhari, only to see rain of withdrawals from the so called array of Presidential Aspirants’, as they file out in cartoon form, one after the other in a zombie-like manner to announce their end in the game, a ruling party for that matter.

“With less than 5,000 people voting, the APC has been voting for how many hours now, with just 16 states or so just done voting. That clearly tells you the party absolutely lacks anything it takes to organize or lead in a sane society” says in part the statement signed by the party’s Director Media and Communications, Comrade Dayo Onibiyo.

We are happy that Nigerians are watching the show of shame and definitely knows it’s time to boot these sets of unserious souls out of office come 2023, a people who can not formally set out time to honour the departed souls from the Owo massacre, just a minute silence, so insensitive and uncultured as it affects, even humanity.

It is clear that, whoever is said to emerge from this poorly organized shamble will be nothing but an abysmal failure like the event itself .

The PDP therefore, enjoins Nigerians to reject the APC to the polls and reset Nigeria with Atiku Abubakar, as the nation bleeds.

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