APC Launches Insurgency Agenda to Justify Petition to Relocate Tribunal Sitting – Osun PDP

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) has launched statewide insurgency agenda and fictional security reports to create false security alarm to boost its petition to relocate the Tribunal sitting from Osogbo to Abuja, the Osun State Caretaker Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Akindele Adekunle has declared.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the PDP calls the fictional security reports emanating from Gboyega Famodun as a serious breach of state security, an insult on the integrity of the security agencies, a invidious message from the ruling party of intent to destabilise the state and a confirmation that the Osun state government and its ruling party are now security risk to be watched closely by the people and security establishment.

“The PDP expresses apprehension and utter anger at the unbridled desperation of the state government to plunge Osun state into conflict all in the devilish bid to stop peaceful transfer of power in November. We warn that all the unfounded allegations levelled against PDP by Famodun are clearly the insurgency agenda APC is already implementing starting with attacks on PDP offices, later party officials and what we learn may even involve attempt on the lives of the Governor-elect.

“Before the election, APC leading political thugs in Osun had in video and posts vowed to eliminate PDP leaders. In some areas, top thugs even issued a don’t vote PDP orders. Across the local governments, APC obviously procured thousands of guns with many armed miscreants in the state. It is on records that Asiri Eniba and his men were arrested on the eve of the election with high calibre guns. Proactive action by security agencies had saved Osun from mayhem openly bossted about by APC leaders.

“Ever since the conclusion of the election, Osun APC has not hidden its desire to create conflict to deny the realisation of the will of the people. Security agencies have arrested several leading APC thugs while many have been flushed out of their hideouts. Severally, APC has not hidden its affiliation with these agents of darkness whom it defended and even referred to as APC Members.

“Unlike APC, PDP is a peaceful party with a sacred mandate from the people of Osun state. If we did not buy guns before elections, if we did not romance thugs before and during the elections, why should get involve in such now? We put it to Mr Famodun that reverse psychology cannot veil the evil intent of the APC to make the state ungovernable to justify its petition for the relocation of Tribunal sitting to Abuja.

“Osun people may want to note that the APC had written a petition to the President of the Court of Appeal asking that the Tribunal sitting at Osogbo be relocated to Abuja on the ground of insecurity. Security reports from across the agencies however disputed the APC claims , affirming that Osun is peaceful and that there is no threats to the safety of lives and properties. All the false concoctions from Famodun is a desperate but failed bid to paint Osun as a State in conflict and conflagration.

We affirm as a matter of duty and patriotism that forging security reports to push a political agenda is a reprehensible conduct for which Famodun must be held accountable. In a bid to justify fake reports, Famodun and his team have unveiled plans to destabilise the state. This is unacceptable and must be visited with full wrath of the law.

We condemn the APC petition on the Tribunal sitting. The push to relocate Tribunal sitting which is bound to fail is a ploy to derail delivery of justice. The PDP is ready to defend its mandate and the people of Osun state are waiting eagerly for a new dawn come November 27.

Dr Akindele Adekunle,
State Caretaker Chairman,

Osun State PDP.

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