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In our own dictionary impossibility itself is saying I am possible, but only those who are capable can see it.

The legacies man leave behind will live to speak for him or after him.
Arc. Salman Idris had built himself a remarkable legacy in the heart of humanity.

He {Arc. Salman Idris} is no longer an ovation but a stardom whose influence has a direct meaningful bearing on the life of Gbede, Ijumu and Okun youths as a whole.

He is an enigma of resolution and change, an arbiter, and hope of a common man who is a contemporary role model.

He is a leader that is breeding leaders, he gives fish and teaches how to catch fish.

How do I describe this embodiment of integrity & intelligence ???

“He is a leader per excellent who manage things, lead people and now it’s time for him to serve Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu at the Green Chamber comes 2023”.

His outstanding achievements and accolades are real, as he has performed uncountable magical acts of kindness, his leadership style is highly inspiring.
What a rare species among homosapiens!

He got love for everywhere, due to his noble and dignified personality.
A vote for Arc. Salman Idris is a vote for a better change, join TIWAN_NTIWA2023 Movement now for effective representative.

He is a progressive and resourceful species who doesn’t rule over others but lead people to greatness.

Letters failed me in describing this intelligentia and enigmatic philanthropist.

Let’s embrace his transformative agendas by kindly support, canvas & Vote Arc. Salman Idris for Member House Of Representatives Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency 2023.

Great Vision, Best Leadership!!!
SalmanIdrisLoléléFílefú !!!!

By: Aminu Femi Jamiu,
Author of Poetry Pearls.

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