ARC SALMAN IDRIS is a man who’s well grounded in history-Ademola Ojn Solomon

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History is replete with great men and women who had great visions but these visions never saw the light of the day, there was never a conscious and deliberate attempt backed with a workable plan to achieve those very lofty visions, sadly, such visions became mere academic papers.

ARC SALMAN IDRIS is a man who’s well grounded in history, he’s not unaware of the fact that history is meant to be learnt from, that history is a guide and our best teacher if only we must do things differently and achieve laudable success. It is this consciousness that has continued to drive his every moves which has seen him excel in all he does even beyond his own expectations.

As the 2023 general elections draw nearer with each passing day, ARC SALMAN IDRIS gives us reasons why he’s the best man for the job, it’s therefore not a surprise he’s billed to have a political talk with Amidat, tagged “Real Talk With Amidat.”

Expectedly, Arc Salman Idris will be taking us through the journey so far and his mega plans and workable ways on how to achieve all that he’s set out to achieve in office when elected to put Kabba Bunu/ IJumu federal Constituency in the part of greatness which poor representations over the years have denied her, a very sad reality that needs a performer like Arc Salman Idris to turn around positively.

So, all The good people of Kabba Bunu/IJumu both home and abroad are enjoined to make Arc Salman there pathway to making Kabba Bunu/IJumu Great Again and why we must get it right in 2023 or continue to be victims of poor representation.

A lazy workman they say quarrels with his tools, Arc Salman Idris isn’t the type that gives excuses for failure, he has what it takes.

Tiwa N”tiwa 💯
Ademola Ojn Solomon 📝

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