Arc Salman Idris is extremely different to the other candidates-Ademola Ojn Solomon

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I heard some of Arc Salman Idris good deed especially in kabba bunu/ IJumu federal constituency and Kogi state at Large. I actually arrived at some conclusion after being impressed by the way he Lift others.

Arc Salman Idris is extremely different to the other candidates.

Arc Salman Idris has been involved over the years in the personal and career development of many indigenes of the Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency,

kabba bunu/ IJumu has the potential, all we need is a great leader to effectively unlock the potentials. yagba is currently witnessing a new change because they have a representative who listens to the populace.

Arc Salman Idris give proper credit for accomplishments and acknowledge his mistakes when they happen. He exhibit honesty and transparency in everything he do. Moreover, he inspire others to live a life with integrity as well. That’s one of the reason why we want him to represent us at the green chamber.

Kabba bunu/ IJumu Let do this together 💯
This is beyond parties. Good governance is all what we pray for 🙏

Here we go on house of representatives ✍️

Tiwan Tiwan 💯📌

Ademola Ojn Solomon

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