Arch. Salman Idris, Fnia Marks One Year as Federal Constituency Representative

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As it marks the 1st anniversary of the historic elections in which Arc.(Hon) Salman Idris was entrusted to represent the Kabba-Bunu/ljumu Federal Constituency. In a heartfelt message to his constituents, he expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and trust they have bestowed upon him and outlined his commitment to serving them to the best of his ability.

In the past year, Idris and his constituents have faced numerous challenges, especially economic difficulties that have affected them all. However, he remains committed to working tirelessly to bring about positive change for their constituency and their country.

“I promise to continue advocating for the interests of Kabba-Bunu/ljumu and all Nigerians, striving to create opportunities for growth and prosperity,” Idris said in his message. “Together, we can overcome these challenges and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come.”

Idris expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to serve and called on his constituents to continue working hand in hand, with hope and determination, to achieve their shared goals.

The anniversary marks the culmination of a year of service, dedication, and progress for Idris as he continues to work towards the betterment of the Kabba-Bunu/ljumu Federal Constituency. As he looks back on the past year, Idris is determined to forge ahead with renewed zeal and commitment, with the hopes of making an even greater impact in the years to come.

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