Arch. Salman Idris kind of representation is what Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu people yearn for-Ibrahim Ekundayo Wasiu

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The good people of Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu, as well as numerous consequential admirers in our constituency, must understand that at this critical scenario of our political history, we need to rally round for popular candidates who can deliver on electoral promises.

For the purpose of fairness and equality, we found Arc Salman Idris as the only political gladiator among the aspirants whom are vying same position that can bring in the needed dividency.

Our consolidation and unflinching commitment towards this unified projects remain paramount. We must ensured that we give the majority of our people what they’re yearning for, Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu are people of deep conscience and compassion to development.

Notwithstanding, Arc Salman Idris is energetic, versatile, intelligent, courageous and above all committed to the service of humanity, we must not allowed our people to lose these great leader and embodiment of exemplary leadership.

Pray, support and Vote For Arc Salman Idris For House Of Representatives Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency come 2023.


Ibrahim Ekundayo Wasiu

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