As Dangote and Bello close ranks on Obajana cement palava. What is the take home for Kogi!

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When Obajana cement saga started, I told some close folks that the idea of state government closing down the factory was ill conceived by the state but then some said I was not properly informed about the matter and now that we have gotten prior knowledge of what transpired, I await statement of apology from the state government of how sorry they were to have misled the public on the matter.

If not that the company insisted they pay such a huge amount of tax, who would have believed our state ever collected a dime with the way they deployed energy to that issue and in the process innocent lives were lost and peace of the area truncated as a result of the face off but at pr to whose loss if I may ask.?

Now that we seen, heard of the agreement and how state could not even fund their own part of the 5% equities, could we have go ahead with a wild goose chase?

I ask, who is fooling who? The state, or Dangote Industries? Its unfortunate that even our so-called leaders over time had had never been sincere with their objectives while running the affairs of the state ever since the commencement of productions in that plant. Although, this preceed Bello administration but of course, government is continuum. However, while we await state response to Dangote side of the story, I will advise that Gov. Yahaya brings us upto date with every discussions that ensued at the state house with Dangote on the subject matter.

Kogi is rated as one of the knowledgeable, exposed and wise people around the country, I should have expected this issue is better treated and handled in a more appropriate manner than the way it is. This is more or less bring us 10years backwards as against known exposures and education of Kogites.

To our commissioner of commerce and industry, if such ministry ever existed and commissioner of finance with state attorney should as a matter great urgency come out to explain why Kogi is further thrown into another negative Palace on a national scale. For now, I presumed our governor was ill advised except otherwise someone else proofs to be correct than the revelations gotten so far.

In as much as I want to believed that what the state is asking for would have being a just cause to the benefits of our people and a genuine interest geard towards a better Kogi but the manner of approach by which the matter was handled gave a reason to doubt if the idea was properly concieved or if it was burned out of a general interest.

This administration has been here for about 6years now, did they just realised we were being marginalised? Why now? And to whose interest? These and more of this questions are begging for answers.

In the interest of peace and coexistence between Dangote Group and Kogi state government, I will therefore advice that Kogi should honour the verdict of federal government while we go back to the drawing board to amend and review all grey areas because its only in an uncivilised society that you will have a company as big as Dangote Industries running with a biggest productions plant in a state like ours without state equities. This is unheard.

To the head of vigilantes service in Kogi, I guess you should get a lawyer because every blood let will be paid for as ignorance is not an excuse in law. Before taking action against the law we ought to think of its consequences. State does not have absolute power when it comes to bearing of arms, shooting and even eventually killing. Restraints is better in the face of provocations, use of discretions is also important when issued with directives that negates principles of natural justice and rule of law.

To this end, its perhaps pertinent to note that our house of Assembly are also found wanting, culpable by not doing enough of oversights before going to plenary on this matter, how can 25 member of our house of Assembly passed such a negative resolutions without considering the adverse impact such resolution will have on the said general public you are set to protect, the interest of the people first is what we considered before any actions is taken. This actions from the very end of our Honorable members is what one will considered as bringing us back to the times of the old while also bringing law making into abysmal. Our Assembly should also account for their role in all of this.

Finally, going by local intelligence of our forethers, it is highly imperative to state here that “a man that must come to equity must come with a clean hand”. therefore, I urge Dangote Group to up their game in the area of community public relations projects, I understand such projects are in existence in other areas where the company has its presence why is Kogi not enjoying same privilege? Am sure Dangote management can do more in this respect. Beyond sentiments and hearsay, Dangote company should as a matter of public importance establish and cite a Dangote University of mines and technology or better still a Dangote Tenchnical innovative promotion school to further empower the community and its environ failure to do this might likely spite another crisis sooner than expected. This ordinarily should have top the priority of the state list while asking for a review if we were to be honest with this fight rather than laying more emphasis on tax, equities and even kick backs.

Bonire writes from Abuja.

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