Awo mi: A tale of two brothers

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In this uncommon movie, the sanctity of filial affinity of brotherhood is shattered by the proverbial step mother’s syndrome: as encapsulated in most African folktales.

The nagging quest for self preservation drives a mother to the brim in a spell binding plot twist of fate.

The tragic consequences of a step mother exchange for the destiny of her son with that of step son becomes the turning point in this great story.

Quintessential Thomson Makolo, the Movie, Awo mi, takes roots in the citadel of Igala history and culture, wherein a universal appeal is deliberately conjured to global appeal in Igala cosmology and world view.

Again, Awo mi is a cultural product, an economic resource which embodies an artistic content for the international market space. Thomson in this movie brings to bear a perspective that projects an artistic sagacity drench in the rich cultural fountain of the Igala people.

A critical need to look at the Nigerian film industry and the values it creates in terms of soaring the gross domestic product vis a vis “AWOMI” by Tom Makolo Jnr, has become very necessary.

Similarly, the High need for more Collaboration, Patronage and Participation by individuals and Government particularly in encouraging young talented and gifted Kogites to rise to the top in the area of creating jobs has become very apt in the film and entertainment industry.

The Awo ‘mi’ movie is a production by Thompson Makolo, an Igala first class movie producer, is in the mould of Kunle Afolayan, who is highly known across the globe as a Producer of African Films from the Yoruba perspectives owing to the support he got from his people.

Over the years, Thompson Makolo has really not gotten the Promotion, Patronage and Participation of the Igala Kingdom in bringing to the limelight the rich cultural heritage of the Igala Kingdom in his films.

But with the desired support, input and funding made in the production of Awo ‘mi’, analysts believe the producer is predicted to make the desired breakthrough and break the jinx.

Already some Igala prominent sons like
Alhaji Friday Idachaba, CEO Hamif Real Estate Nig. Ltd have signed up to be part of 60 Lovers And Nobles of the Igala Kingdom that will premier the movie and Royal Screening titled: Awo ‘mi’ at the Attah Igala’s Palace.

The Royal Screening at the Attah Igala’s Palace is scheduled to hold on 10th December, 2022, with selected 60 Lovers and Nobles of Igala Kingdom.

The Awo ‘mi’ movie at the command premier would attract the Attah Igala, HRM, Dr Mathew Alaji Opaluwa, first class Chiefs and prominent elites of Igala Kingdom, has been rated by film makers as the tonic that should call for the support, partnership and collaboration of well meaning Igala sons and daughters at the premier.

Thus far, the Awo ‘mi’ movie is the biggest Igala movie production ever in history, is aimed at strengthening the relationship between the tradition and promoters, its custodian as well as bridge the gap, is a blend of the rich culture and heritage of the Igala Kingdom.

Makolo has over the years produced several films, has been in the forefront pushing to open the doors for the movie industry in the Igala Kingdom, like other acclaimed film producers, he tells the African story from the Igala perspectives.

The success of the Royal Screening of Awo ‘mi’ at the Attah Igala’s Palace, many analysts in the film and entertainment industry in the country maintained would help in the much expected recognition, patronage and participation of people from Igala Kingdom, other parts of the country and the diaspora for the need to accept a universal story told from an Igala perspectives and background, Awo ‘mi’.

Therefore, the acceptance by Alhaji Friday Idachaba, CEO Hamif Real Estate Nig. Ltd who has with excitement and commitment, signed up to be part of the 60 Lovers and Nobles of the Igala Kingdom, needs commendation, should be an encouragement to other Igala sons and daughters to join in making the required number at the premier.

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