Ayetoro Gbede Community Receives Lifeline with Medical Support Programme courtesy Engr. Michael Obanewo

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In a bid to alleviate the health challenges faced by vulnerable individuals in the Ayetoro Gbede community, Engineer Michael Idowu Obanewo has launched a groundbreaking medical support programme. Teaming up with a reputable health insurance company, this initiative aims to provide essential medical benefits to 200 people in the community for one year.

What sets this programme apart is the inclusive approach taken in selecting beneficiaries. High Chief and community leaders from each quadrant will collectively recommend seven individuals in need of medical assistance, ensuring that those most in need receive the support they require. With no restriction on family ties, the programme strives to reach a diverse range of individuals facing health challenges.

Scheduled for a selection date of Saturday, June 1, 2024, at the Ayetoro Gbede Town Hall, eligible individuals are urged to partake in this life-changing opportunity. Beginning with general consultations and encompassing services ranging from ante-natal care to surgeries, beneficiaries will have access to a wide array of medical services to address their healthcare needs.

With a strong emphasis on holistic care, the programme covers services such as paediatric care, mental health support, and emergency care, ensuring that beneficiaries receive comprehensive medical assistance. In addition, the programme extends to covering costs for referrals to specialized medical facilities, providing a safety net for those requiring advanced medical interventions.

As the enrolment date approaches on Saturday, June 8, 2024, residents of Ayetoro Gbede are encouraged to spread the word and nominate individuals in need of medical support. Remember, health is wealth, and by coming together as a community, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing health challenges.

Join us in this compassionate initiative spearheaded by Engr. Michael Idowu Obanewo and let’s ensure that no one in Ayetoro Gbede is left behind in accessing essential healthcare services.

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