Ayetoro Gbede Descendant Forum, Lagos Chapter mourns Late Mrs Omotayo “Omotee” Anna Olayinka

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Forever she’s gone!

Aunty Tayo as we fondly called you. Your demise came too soon, and as a rude shock to us. At first, we couldn’t believe it. “That’s not true” was the reply coming out of everyone’s lips but it turned out to be true.

How fair is this tragedy that has befallen us? The pain is real, and the hurt is deep.
Words of expressions, lack meaning at this time.
Your wonderful soul’s been cut short at its prime. If this is not sunset at dawn, we wonder what it is!

We weren’t ready for you to go. That amazing smile of yours, your amiable disposition towards everybody; your motherly interventions in our arguments; all gone.

You’ve shared your joy with, and loved, everyone who crossed your path, unconditionally. You celebrated people’s successes even when you seemed unnoticed.

You’ve been our inspiration. You identified with all Sons and Daughters of Ayetoro Gbede, and most importantly, Ayetoro Gbede Descendant Forum, in general.
You stood by us, through good and stormy weather.
You’re a gift God had given us that is more than a family.

There are many glowing tales about you, but discussing you in past tense is indeed agonising because, to everyone of us, you were a complete package (a mother, a sister, a friend, a guardian, a mentor, an inspiration, all rolled into one).
Your shocking and tragic exit has engraved a frightening spectre on our psyche and compels us to ask the reoccurring questions, what is this life really all about?

Today, we are forced to say farewell to a dutiful mother, a caring sister, a compassionate woman, a mentor, a minister and a people’s general.

God will surely certainly wipe away our tears and heal the searing pains of this loss.


Ayetoro Gbede Descendant Forum, Lagos Chapter.

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