Ayetoro-Gbede Global Network celebrates member’s generous food relief donation worth N2.9m to multiple families in the community

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In a heartwarming display of generosity and community spirit, Mrs. ‘Ladun Florence Akin-Adeyemi and her family have donated food relief worth approximately N2.9 million to multiple families in the Ayetoro-Gbede community. The Ayetoro-Gbede Global Network (AGN) expressed deep appreciation for the kindness and thoughtfulness shown by Mrs. Akin-Adeyemi, highlighting her longstanding record of community service.

Not only did Mrs. Akin-Adeyemi and her family previously donate books and library furniture to the Community High School, but they have also continued to support AGN in its efforts to make a positive impact in the community. Her commitment to service and community development mirrors the legacy of her mother, Mama Janet Asaju, a revered figure in Ayetoro-Gbede known for her dedicated leadership in community service.

Despite living in the United States, Mrs. Akin-Adeyemi has kept the well-being of her community close to her heart, demonstrating a remarkable level of care and compassion. The AGN praised her and her family for their initiative and expressed hopes for their continued good deeds and positive impact in the community.

President Oladele Oyelola commended Mrs. Akin-Adeyemi for her significant contribution, emphasizing the importance of such acts of kindness in bringing communities together and uplifting those in need. The donation of food relief stands as a shining example of generosity and goodwill, inspiring others to follow in Mrs. Akin-Adeyemi’s footsteps in making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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