Bashorun MD Eseyin FPOP Salute General Jemibewon at 82

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2023, Kogi West Senatorial District General Election Candidate of ACCORD (A), Bashorun MD Eseyin FPOP, Congratulated retired Gen. David Medaiyese Jemibewon, on his 82nd birthday, joining family members and friends to celebrate with the iconic leader.

In his congratulatory message, MD Eseyin describe Gen. Jemibewon’s as a perfect gentleman, Father, Soldier and an administrator of high ethics and impeccable morality.

Bashorun congratulated the General for another age, appreciating his patriotism and visionary leadership style of always advocating unity, projecting maturity and wisdom on all issue of discourse, and providing a rallying point for the future.

MD Eseyin noted the goodwill that the retired General had continued to attract to Okunland, Kogi State and Nigeria at large. He particularly lauded him for sacrificing his time and resources to reach out to individuals and institutions on the need to work for the growth land development of Okunland.

Bashorun MD Eseyin invokes that Almighty God continue to strengthen and grant him peace, sound health and grace with many more years accompanied by boundless blessings of God.

Bashorun MD Eseyin FPOP
2023, ACCORD (A) Flagbearer for Kogi West Senatorial District Election.

20th July, 2022.

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