Be hopeful for a better Nigeria, we are another step closer; together we can make it work-Nayo Jude Babatunde-uyi

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Happy new month fellow Nigerians, and welcome to a new dispensation. May the emerging leadership and government of our dear country favours us all and bring to us true development and shared prosperity.

The 2023 general elections has come and has gone, in some cases the people elected who they want, and in so many others, the system and institutions produces who they want, it is a common ideology in the Nigeria political sphere that “win at all cost and let your opponent go to court” this exactly, is our current reality.

However, I see no looser from the just concluded election, particularly from the end of all the candidates in which I supported. The message has been passed, the points and impacts has been made, the people has spoken through the ballot, the participatory experiences at various levels has been gathered and lessons has been learnt across boards.

We have all pulled a good fight, and it is for a common cause of national and personal development and prosperity, be you #Atikulated, #Batified, #Obidient, #Kwankwasiya or any political school of thought you subscribe to, it is worthy to establish that you have done excellently well, now it is time to move together as a people towards a national goal of unity and true development, especially in our infrastructural, educational and economic sectors.

I wouldn’t shy away from the fact that the Nigeria 2023 general election was marred with irregularities and compromise, I however admonish all concerned stakeholders and individuals to ensure that they pursue and protect their interests/ mandate through peaceful and legal means, I urge us all to avoid all forms of post election violence. Justice can only be served adequately and credibly when there is peace and institutional stability.

I admonish us all (especially the youths) to put on our best attitude with high optimism and with focus on positive possibilities even as we move further forward as a people. Let’s us all play our roles without an iota of compromise that the Nigeria of our dreams may become.

Congratulations and Cheers to a new beginning of consolidation for a renewed hope for our country Nigeria.

Together we will make it work.

God bless Nigeria
God bless Kogi state
God bless Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu federal constituency
God bless Kabba-Bunu LGA

  • Nayo Jude Babatunde-uyi, (Kabba-Bunu LGA)
    Democrats, Social reformer and Patriotic citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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