BEYOND GYB, what will happen to APC in Kogi state???

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By Dr. Tom Ohikere

I wonder if Kogi APC is prepared to win elections in the 2023 General Election.

Haven thoroughly studied the conducts of the recent primary elections across the three senatorial districts, particularly in Kogi Central and Kogi West, one is forced to think that our great party has unconsciously or ignorantly planned to give way for the re-emergence of the People’s Democratic party in Kogi state.

As one of the founding fathers of the party in Kogi state and a stakeholder till date, I am very worried with the state of the party in the state, especially as it bothers on the poor conducts of the primary elections and the characters that emerged in the names of the candidates.
The above scenario is further compounded by the 63/47 delegates factor at the last presidential primary election at eagle square,Abuja.

Looking at the petition by a leading senatorial aspirant from Kogi central, Barrister Ramatu Shehu ,the unwarranted experience of Senator Smart Adeyemi in Kogi West and what played out with Dr Ozomata who bided for the House of Reps for Okene/Ogori magongo federal constituency, i am compelled to think that all is not well with our party in the state and something have to be urgently done to avoid the imminent danger at the polls in 2023.

Flowing from the above and the high quality of the candidates of the PDP(TJ and Natasha) for example, we could have used our best aspirants for 2023 general elections.

Suffice to say we can not afford to lose the state to the PDP and that is the reason I am calling for the attention of GYB and other stakeholders to reexamine the situation towards a better future of the party in state.

I may be compelled to draw the attention of the national secretariat of APC to the danger ahead , if nothing is done to this.

I remain,Dr Tom Ohikere, one of the founding fathers of APC in Kogi state.

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