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You make each day special just by being yourself around people, you illuminate the darkest moments in the lives of people through your acts of generosity. You are kind and your care for humanity is never in doubt.

If asked if I have met anyone who has lived all his life being charitable and kind to others I am going to mention you a million times because you are a servant of the poor and helper to the needy. The volunteers would say the same because to anybody you meet, you are that humble, happy, and friendly teacher, yes, teacher because you are always willing and patient to guide people through the right paths and your life is a lesson to us because we learn from your actions. You are unique.

You are the most generous, fun, and loving person every young person should cling to, your interest in the growth and the development of students and youths make me wonder how you make out time for people even with your busy schedules. You are passionate about a lot of things, sometimes I question why you have to do so much but then all of these sums up who you really are. No one or definition better describes the word intentionality but you. You are intentional. You are the best definition of what it means to be intentional.

Your support to youth and student is undeniable,Through your supports and assistance over 500 students received Summer lectures and lessons during the Covid -19 pademic, Our special gratitude also for the commitment, time, money, resources you provided to yearly organize GEORGE BELLO FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT.The competition which is geared to promote peace and unity among students and youth in Gbede Land has been recorded as one of the best among football competitions in kogi state,with largely thousands number of spectators and have brought back during the Yelutide an interesting good football fun atmosphere, pleasant activities and a host of enjoyable social contacts among Gbede communities.

Thanks for being a gentle and kind mentor to us all, You are an inspiration to everyone, thanks for making available platforms so people can extend love by volunteering, sharing, and contributing. You remain a shining example for many.

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It’s your birthday, Mr Femi Bello, and i wish you a memorable and exciting year, we say thank you for all you do for humanity, May God continues to shower his blessings of love, grace, peace, health, protection, success, and everything good that you would wish for yourself. Remain a happy, loving, and kind individual. Cheers to a new age.

Olowosagba Ayodele

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