Birthday: for all the good wishes, thanks so much my friends and family-Barr. Babatunde Irukera

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An annual tradition of returning a couple days after a birthday to say thank you here in MetaSpace, Facebook Street or Zukerville may be cliche or even become ritual.

But in reality, and certainly for me, it calls for both reflection and introspection. And when both occur, one is filled with gratitude to God, and then to my incredible friends, encouragers and accountability framework here.

Serving in our place at this time comes with challenges (for crying out loud surviving and thriving in our place right now is even more challenging), but the thread of friendship and feedback here make it worth it, and in those days when one questions the wisdom of the choices one makes (and it happens quite a bit), you all here make it beyond choices, but an urgency and a call. So much so, beyond responding in the role, I embrace, even desire it, because it’s a vehicle to hold others accountable to citizens, especially because their survival is on account of the custom and patronage of those citizens; and a testament even if not of accomplishment, at least of possibilities.

Thanks so much my friends and family here for all the good wishes, the posts, the comments, the likes, and even unexpressed good wishes.

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