BIRTHDAY:MD Eseyin Celebrate With Workaholics Honorable Kehinde Oloduntoba

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Youths4Youth Movement of Bashorun MD Eseyin rejoice with Honorable Kehinde as God in his mercy has been faithful and fair to him and his family and adding another new remarkable and blessed year to his age, indeed can not forget in a haste your impactions to humanity and your philanthropic ways of approach and reaching out to the less privilege, we join millions of Nigerians to celebrate another new year of your life.

Hon. MD Eseyin describe Honorable Kehinde as a destiny helper, giver, humble, loving accommodating personality and a blessing to our generation.

Our prayer is God will continue to elevate you as to continue your good works, and better position and promising life we pray for thee now and forever.

We are proud of you.
Happy Birthday To The People’s General Honorable Kehinde Oloruntoba.

MD Eseyin


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