Blind Followership: Supporters of Ruling Party APC Governorship Candidate in Kogi State Fear the Unknown, May Seek Change

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By the Real Citizens

As the upcoming elections draw near, questions arise regarding the unwavering support exhibited by some individuals towards the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress. Observers note that many of these supporters, despite not experiencing the desired benefits promised by the incumbent administration, seem to be driven by blind followership. However, murmurs suggest that when the chips are down, they may choose to do the right thing and seek a change.

While some supporters of the ruling party candidate have openly expressed dissatisfaction with the incumbent administration’s performance, they cling to the party due to a fear of the unknown. It appears that loyalty and comfort within the familiar confines of the ruling party have outweighed the desire for genuine progress and change.

Citizens who associate themselves with the ruling party and it’s candidate hope for improved livelihoods, infrastructure development, and enhanced governance. However, frustrations have mounted as promised reforms and improvements have failed to materialize. These grievances persist despite the rhetoric employed to rally support.

“It is disheartening that some supporters blindly follow the ruling party candidate despite their own disappointments with the incumbent administration,” remarked a concerned citizen. “However, when the time comes and the chips are down, I believe they will ultimately make the right choice for the betterment of our state.”

The fear of an uncertain future, characterized by a potential shift in power dynamics, is one of the key reasons cited by individuals who continue to support the ruling party candidate. Rather than embracing the prospect of change, they prefer to maintain the status quo, highlighting their unease and unwillingness to explore alternative options.

Nevertheless, rumblings within the ranks of these supporters suggest that a breaking point is fast approaching. The growing dissatisfaction with the incumbent administration’s performance, coupled with the tangible yearning for genuine progress and change, hints at a potential shift in allegiance when the time comes.

“I have been a supporter of APC the ruling party for many years, but enough is enough,” expressed a disgruntled party loyalist. “The incumbent fails to deliver on their promises, I will not hesitate to reconsider my options and support a party that can truly address our needs and aspirations.”

As the election day approaches, the decision rests with the supporters of the ruling party candidate. Will they continue to support out of blind followership, fearing the unknown, or will they find the courage to demand the change they so desperately desire? Only time will tell if these supporters will indeed “do the right thing” when the chips are down and make choices in the best interest of their communities.

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