Bola Tinubu/APC hates Nigeria-Segun sowunmi

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Decisions have and ought to have consequences! A nation that is almost evenly divided between the major faiths of Christianity and Islam must work very hard not to give the impression that the sensitivity to diversity does not matter!

Shall we now assume that the APC intends to play only to the numbers advantage without care for national unity and harmony by their share insensitivity to what’s going on in the country?

Well, they have made a choice, now they must be made to pay for the consequences of their extreme lack of thoughtfulness.

What do they think they are doing. No, they need to lose so that they get the message that parties that balance their tickets do so to inspire national cohesion.

May the people of goodwill who love our national diversity punish APC for this decision.

Failing this we may become a nation that tilts dangerously towards one of the faiths.

Antioch where Paul the Apostle wrote is now known as Antakya losing all of its original ideology.

Nigeria is a secular state and all things must be done to protect its secularity!

Credit:Southwest first alert communication

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