Boundary Demarcation, delineation: Gov. Bello’s Administration Best Since State Creation – Hon. Chief Aiyelabowo Adebanji Austin

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***Has Done Excellently Well Enlisting Kogi As Oil Producing State.

***for making each Senatorial District have University.

The efforts of the present administration of Gov Yahaya Bello in ensuring that the boarders of Kogi State are properly demarcated and delineated after 32 years of creation has been praised.

Hon. Chief Aiyelabowo Adebanji Austin, Senior Special Assistant on boundary Matters to the Executive Governor of Kogi State made the disclosure while briefing Newsmen at the NUJ Press Centre on the successes recorded by Gov. Bello since the creation of the State 32 years ago.

According to Hon. Chief Aiyelabowo, “Gov. Bello remains the first Governor to have Inaugurated the State boundary Committee since the creation of the State”.

Until the coming of the administration of Gov Bello, the boundaries between the State and the federal capital territory, Hon. Aiyelabowo explained has been unknown, not visible, added that now pillars have been positioned demarcating the boundaries between Kogi and the FCT.

“Since 1975 when FCT was carved out from Kwara State. The Governor in conjunction with National boundary Commission delineated Kogi State boundary and the FCT to the East of Niger State and the West of Nasarawa State”.

“The Governor formally made Kogi State (Ibaji) an oil producing State through proper delineation”, described the enlistment of the State as an oil producing State as the efforts of the Governor resolving the boundary issues that has lingered over the years.

“Ette Community and Enugu State boundary issues is now nearing conclusion during his time”.

“You will recall that the State has recorded several crisis leading to death, loss of properties, between Kogi and Enugu State”, said that issue because of the sincere leadership of the Governor has put an end to such conflict.

“Talks are also ongoing in regard to Kogi (Alu) and Kogi State boundary encroachment. This is another milestone for the Gov. Bello’s administration”.

The Senior Special Assistant recalled with nostalgic feelings how the country averted a conflict that would have led to transportation of foodstuffs from the North to the South.

“Gov. Yahaya Bello would also be remembered for stepping in to avert the plan to stop food from being transported from Northern parts of the country to the southern part”.

” The Governor also stood for justice. It is important to State that Kogi State is bounded by 9 other states. Gov. Bello at a very critical stage of the outbreak of COVID-19 stood his ground, declared that the State was free of the disease. His stand on the insistence that about the non existence of COVID 19 from entering the state ensured free flow of businesses. The State which serves as a gateway to the North and South was not shut for movement”.

The Senior Special Assistant was full of praises for Gov. Bello described him as the best Governor the State has ever had when it comes to ensuring equity, justice and fairness, said his administration ensured that each district can now boast of a University.

“For equity and justice, the Governor gave in to making each senatorial District of the State to own a University”, pointing out that his sense of fairness and justice would remain a watershed in the history of the State.

Hon. Aiyelabowo said with what has been done at the boundaries of the State, Gov. Bello working in conjunction with the boundary Commission has done well, would be remain in the minds of the people eternally, said his good works will last beyond his administration.

The Senior Special Assistant expressed optimism that the Governor Elect, Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, has learn the ropes, has the competence and capacity, would build on the legacies of Gov Yahaya Bello.

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