Breaking News: Kogi Electorates Urged to Disregard Malicious Claims by Faceless Kabba/Bunu APC for Ododo Campaign Platform

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In an attempt to mislead the public and spread false narratives, a faceless campaign platform ” Kabba/Bunu APC for Ododo” associated with the ruling party has recently released a news report, published by an online newspaper, “Democracy Newsline, baselessly criticizing the road walk of our party PDP ‘s candidate Senator Dino Melaye and his Deputy Habibat Deen as a “show of imminent failure ahead” and a “shameful outing.” However, it is crucial for electorates to remain vigilant and disregard such unfounded claims.

The road walk organized by our party’s candidate has garnered an unprecedented crowd, demonstrating the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of the people. This massive turnout has sent shockwaves through the ruling party, stirring panic within their ranks. It is evident that they have recognized the writing on the wall—an impending and tragic end to their draconian rule of ruthless and insensitive administration.

The attempt by the faceless campaign platform to undermine the success of our candidate’s road walk is a desperate move to salvage the sinking ship of the ruling party. Such tactics are not only misleading but also reflective of their fear and desperation. It is vital for the electorates to see through these calculated attempts and remain focused on the issues that truly matter.

Our party’s candidate has consistently championed the cause of the people, advocating for progressive policies, and promising a brighter future for all. The overwhelming response from the public during the road walk serves as a testament to their trust and belief in our candidate’s vision for a better society.

We urge the electorates to exercise critical thinking, question the motives behind these false claims, and rely on accurate and reliable information sources. It is essential to base electoral decisions on facts, policies, and candidates’ track records rather than falling prey to smear campaigns and baseless propaganda.

As the election approaches, let us not be swayed by such disingenuous tactics meant to distract us from the real issues at hand. The power lies in the hands of the people, and it is our responsibility to make informed choices that will shape the future of our dear state.

Together, we can work towards a brighter and more inclusive future, free from the chains of an oppressive administration. Let us stay united and focused, disregarding the attempts of those who seek to undermine our democratic process.

Dino/Deen is a done deal and we urge that we keep our heads high on our resolve to salvage our state and restor her dignity.

Kogi State will be great again!


Team SDM Media

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