Brighter Future Ahead: Little Miss Kogi Advocates for Children’s Welfare with SSG

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Little Miss Kogi, Queen Aishat Audu Salau, recently met with the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Mrs. Folashade Arike Ayoade, to discuss ways to ensure a better tomorrow for Kogi State children.

The young ambassador, passionate about improving education and healthcare for her peers, engaged in a productive dialogue with Dr. Ayoade, exploring strategies to tackle the challenges facing Kogi State children.

Dr. Ayoade commended Queen Aishat for her dedication and leadership, emphasizing the importance of investing in the future generation. The Secretary assured Queen Aishat of the state government’s commitment to supporting initiatives that prioritize the welfare of Kogi State children.

The meeting highlighted the significance of collaboration and the power of advocacy in creating a brighter future for the younger generation.

In attendance were the covener of LMK and other queens from the LMK 2024 firstlady edition, showcasing a united front in championing for the welfare of Kogi State children. The visit marked a significant step towards ensuring a better future for the youth of Kogi State, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing their education and healthcare.

The initiative taken by Queen Aishat and the support from Dr. Ayoade highlight the potential for positive change when individuals come together to address crucial issues affecting the younger generation.

Little Miss Kogi’s advocacy sets a precedent for youth leadership and empowerment in prioritizing the welfare of children in Kogi State.

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