Building Bridges to Knowledge: GHICF’s Scholarships Unlocking Opportunities for Underprivileged Youth

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Dr. Samuel Oloyo, Chairman of the Global Health and Indigent Care Foundation (GHICF), delivered a heartfelt welcome address at the 2nd Scholarship and Educational Assistance Programme organized by GHICF. The event took place at the Ayetoro Gbede Community Hall on December 12, 2023.

With a caption that perfectly encapsulates the event, the ceremony aimed to celebrate the foundation’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for education to indigent children. Dr. Oloyo commenced his address by expressing gratitude to the Lord and attributing the success of this initiative to divine inspiration.

The chairman emphasized that education plays a paramount role in shaping the lives of children and bridging societal gaps. He passionately emphasized the importance of never depriving any child of the chance to acquire a meaningful education, particularly during the early stages of their development. Motivated by this belief, GHICF has taken up the noble task of sponsoring this comprehensive program.

After the astounding success of the inaugural program earlier this year, GHICF, in collaboration with the Scholarship and Educational Assistance Programme (SEAP) committee, has fine-tuned the event to focus more on STEM-related subjects and the use of English. Dr. Oloyo emphasized that this emphasis on competitive education would be invaluable for these students in the future, as they would eventually need to compete on a global scale.

Dr. Oloyo expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the beneficiaries of the scholarship program and other recognized awardees. He extended his appreciation to the parents for nurturing and raising such talented students. The role played by the dedicated teachers in training and equipping these students was also acknowledged.

The ceremony garnered immense support from the community, and Dr. Oloyo thanked everyone for their presence and participation. He especially thanked AGN and its president, Mr. Ola Oyelola, for providing logistical support throughout the program’s execution. The chairman also extended special gratitude to the GHICF SEAP committee, commending their tireless efforts and instrumental role in the program’s success.

Members of the committee who contributed significantly to the implementation of the scholarship program include Mr. Richard Olanishuwa (Chairman), Mr. Richard Akanmode, Professor John Adesiji Olorunmaiye, Mrs. Funke Eseyin, Mr. Eniola Bello, and Mr. Paul Ibidun. The foundation sincerely appreciated their invaluable contributions.

In concluding his address, Dr. Oloyo expressed his hope that this future-oriented program would enable the students to achieve admirable goals in their chosen careers. He thanked all participants for their attendance and wished them a safe journey back to their respective destinations.

The Global Health and Indigent Care Foundation remains dedicated to making a profound impact on the lives of underprivileged students, thereby creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.

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