Celebrating a Man with a “HEART OF GOLD, Comrade Sam Meleye on his special day

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I wish to specially join the host of heaven and all well wishers to say a big happy birthday to someone who is super special and simply a joy to be around, Comrade SAM MELAYE as he celebrates another milestone on his birthday.

You spread so much love from that big heart of yours that any day spent with you is always guaranteed to be a good one.

You are one of the most caring, genuinely kind, and most compassionate persons I know.

You are a “good man” with a big heart, and anybody can see that from a mile off.

Today is to remind you that you are such a special person with an
enormously big heart, the biggest out of most people know.

From the big gestures to your acts of kindness, year after year, your heart
will only grow.

The compassion that you show for others is heart-touching and so inspiring.

You truly are one of the good ones.

Here is  wishing you many more spectacular years of spreading your goodness
across the world.

Happy birthday sir!

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