Chachavivi Holds Community Dialogue on Forest Conservation For Women, Trains 100 Persons in KotonKarfe

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The hazardous effect of smoke and inhaling of carbon emissions while cooking over a period of time has been traced to the
death of millions of women globally.

Halima Oiza Sadiq.
CEO, Chachavivi Women and Girl Child Development Foundation, made the disclosure at a Community Dialogue on Forest Conservation and training for Community Women on wood efficient stove to reduce the hazardous effect of smoke.

She made the disclosure at a training organized by Chachavivi Women and girl child development Foundation held at KotonKarfe, Kogi LGA of Kogi State, with technical support from Director of climate change, Mrs Enehe and Director forestry Kogi State ministry of Environment.

The Training by Chachavivi is in partnership with Women Environmental Program (WEP) Funded from WECF International, called for the promotion and protection of activities that would reduce environmental degradation.

The capacity building seeks to discourage practices that reduces women exposure to smoke to prevent health related issues that should be urgently prioritized.

The CEO called on government at all levels to take proactive steps in reducing death of women exposed to smoke while cooking over a period, attributed hazardous smoke from cooking to the causes of millions of death of women globally.

She appealed to Government at all levels to take the issues of climate actions seriously, pointing out that there would be no planet to support human lives in the future if deliberate steps is not done to prevent the destruction of the ecosystems.

She also emphasized on the need to promote sustainable and healthy practices that maintain a favourable ecosystem as well as build rural resilience across the state.

She said if necessary measures are not put in place to prevent destruction of the ecosystems with practices that discourages deforestation, carbon emissions, the coming generation especially for the children yet unborn would be negatively affected.

The community dialogue according to Ms Halima, aims at creating awareness on how to mitigate climate change and forest conservation practices.

She added that the training would further strengthen community structures towards maintaining a favourable Ecosystem and build capacity on construction of wood efficient stove so as to reduce the hazardous effect of smoke which she explains is harmful to women.

The training project by
Chachavivi is under the GREEN LIVELIHOOD ALLIANCE (GLA) Project, focuses on forest conservation and mitigation of land grabbing with the title “Forest for a just future” aims at ensuring that tropical forest and forest landscape are sustainably and inclusively govern to mitigate and adapt to climate change and fulfil human rights.

The project is currently being implemented in 12 countries including Nigeria.

In Nigeria the project is implemented in the South South, Southwest, South East and North central to be implemented by six organization with Chachavivi Women and Girl Child Development Foundation Taking the lead implementing in the North central with Kogi State as focus.

About 100 community members including community leaders, religious leaders women groups and their leaders, persons with disabilities participated in the dialogue and training session.

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