Chairman Zacchaeus Dare Michael and Obaro of Kabba take bold steps to secure Kogi State University Kabba and community, setting a new standard in safety initiatives

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The groundbreaking ceremony of the security operational base at Kogi State University Kabba is a commendable initiative. Honorable Zacchaeus Dare Michael, the caretaker chairman, along with the Obaro of Kabba, Oba Solomon Owoniyi, and other dignitaries, have taken a significant step towards enhancing the security infrastructure in the region. This project, driven by Hon. Michael’s commitment to addressing the rising concerns of insecurity, reflects a proactive approach in ensuring the safety of students and residents alike.

Hon. Michael’s recognition of Governor Usman Ododo’s efforts in prioritizing security is well-founded. The establishment of this operational base is a critical addition to the state’s comprehensive security strategy. It aims to bolster the existing measures and provide a rapid response mechanism to any security threats. Hon. Michael’s expression of appreciation for the governor and his acknowledgment of the recent unfortunate events at CUSTECH highlights the urgency and relevance of this project.

The Obaro of Kabba’s praise for this initiative as a “landmark and unprecedented achievement” underscores its significance for the local community. The collaboration between local government authorities and traditional leaders demonstrates a united front in the fight against insecurity.

The projection to complete this project within three months shows a clear commitment to swift action. Mobilizing necessary resources efficiently will be crucial to meeting this timeline. This initiative not only promises to improve the immediate security environment but also sets a precedent for future infrastructural developments aimed at safeguarding the community.

In conclusion, this initiative marks a positive development for Kabba/Bunu Local Government and Kogi State University. It showcases a dedicated effort to enhance security and ensure a safe environment for all. Kudos to Hon. Zacchaeus Dare Michael, the Obaro of Kabba, and all involved dignitaries for their visionary leadership and commitment to the well-being of their community.

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