Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi Commends Hon. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem for his Dedication to the Needs of Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, Inspiring Hope and Progress

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***Says Heroic Efforts of Hon. Sanni Egidi Abdulrahman Lead to Stunning Victory in Kogi State Governorship Election, Inspiring Ajaokuta Federal Constituency Towards Hope and Progress

In a recent statement, Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi, the APC Stewart and initiator of Babayemi Olorunfemi Vanguard for Ododo Joel governorship, applauded the tireless efforts of Hon. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem, a member of the House of Representatives representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency. Chief Olorunfemi described Hon. Abdulraheem as a dedicated grassroots politician who has continuously championed the needs of Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, inspiring hope and progress through his unwavering commitment to the people he represents.

Chief Olorunfemi praised Hon. Abdulraheem for his unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, which have garnered him the respect and admiration of many. The genuine love and simplicity that Hon. Abdulraheem displays make him easily approachable and relatable to his constituents. His passion for advocating for the betterment of his constituency is truly commendable and sets a shining example of effective and compassionate leadership.

Furthermore, Chief Olorunfemi highlighted the crucial role that Hon. Abdulraheem played in the last gubernatorial election, where he helped secure the victory of Kogi State Governor-elect, Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman. Hon. Abdulraheem’s tireless efforts, community involvement, and ability to rally support were instrumental in the success of the campaign. His passion for positive change and his inclusive approach to politics have made him a beloved figure in the community and a key player in local politics.

With his track record and commitment to the people of Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, Hon. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem continues to provide hope and progress to the community he serves. His dedication to the needs of his constituents and his inspiring leadership are qualities that deserve recognition and appreciation.

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