Chief MD Eseyin appreciates constituents over Kogi West Senate ticket

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The flag bearer of the Kogi West Senate under the ACCORD party Bashorun MD Eseyin has expressed his hearty appreciation for the massive support across boards on his recent feat of clinching the Kogi West Senate ticket under the ACCORD party.

In an acceptance brief issued by the ACCORD party Senate candidate; he said, I find it a great privilege to be fielded as the party candidate to contest the Kogi West Senate seat come 2023. For me, it is a call to serve and an opportunity to bring to bear the ideals of good governance and deliver our developmental driven passions. He added that My experiences and core expertise in public administration and governance give me an edge to represent the Kogi West District better and this rare Honour repose on me I intend to justify by quality leadership and representation like never experienced in Kogi west District in the past; so help me God.

While I accept this opportunity to serve; I deeply appreciate all supporters; party, groups, community leaders and stakeholders who believe in me and the better future for Kogi West it is my pledge that Gods willing I will make you all proud under my result oriented representation.

For me the ticket is the starting point we all need to collectively ensure the larger victory at the general elections. I am a candidate that represent and will serve all interests and stand as a bridge between the old and the new order and the revolution Kogi West needs in a youthful representation. I therefore call for an all round support to achieve the new dawn leadership in which I offer myself to champion for the development of our dear Kogi West.

My endless gratitude!


Bashorun MD Eseyin
ACCORD party Senatorial Candidate for Kogi West

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