Children’s Day:The Chairman/CEO, Osaseyi Foundation wishes Children a joyous celebration

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This special day set aside to celebrate children,gives them all an opportunity to express themselves and be happy that they exist at this age and time. Children are innocent,children bring a smile to one’s face,they are treasured possessions and loved by one and all. Thus this special day is celebrated to commemorate the healthy growth and happiness of all children.

There are two great gifts that we need to give our children. One is the ability to be educated and the other is the joy of parenthood. This is why as the founder of the Osaseyi Foundation,I have made it my life’s goal and mission to see that every child I can reach receives quality education and all the encouragement they need to

thrive and soar beyond their imagination. I say it with all sense of humility that the Osaseyi Foundation through the help of the Almighty will continue to make Kogi State and indeed the country a safe haven for children by shedding light on their path through free education and adequate mentorship.

As we celebrate the Children’s Day again this year,I urge all parents to strive hard to evaluate the child-parent relationship and attempt to establish proper parenting and upbringing for every child. I urge parents to be there for their children and constantly render some practical help which is the best kind of support as well as a listening ear. Let parents spend valuable time with their children and be sensitive at all time to their problems,needs and wants.

Children are our hope for a brighter and

better tomorrow; Every child is a precious Gem!

Happy Children’s day to every Child in Kogi State and in Nigeria!

Hon. Osaseyi Richard,
Chairman/CEO,Osaseyi Foundation

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