Coalition Kicks Against ‘Yorubanization’ of APC Government

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Members of ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have expressed concern over what it termed ‘Yorubanization’ of the federal government.

In a statement signed by Chris Aberisime and Bilyaminu Danbaba, the coalition said Tinubu led government has undermined young capable Nigerians especially from South East and North Central Regions.

Rising from an emergency meeting of all the blocks from the 6 geopolitical zones that make up Coalition for a United Nigeria (CUN), members of APC in the coalition called the attention of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to check the gradual slide into ethnicization.

Members of the APC in the Coalition for a United Nigeria frowned against the lopsided, one-sided, prejudicial and segregative pattern of appointments that have characterized the Tinubu presidency since his emergence.

“That having traversed the length and breath of the country, from North to south, East to West, campaigning and soliciting for votes from Nigerians for you to emerge as the president of the country, it is ideal and reasonable enough that such commonness with which your mandate was prosecuted and executed is used as a considerable benchmark in your appointment.

“We have observed with great bewilderment that more than 86% of the critical appointments made so far have been people from your geopolitical zone, the Southwest. Moreso, to our greater bewilderment is the fact that 90% of these people are your ‘Lagos Boys’ or stooge as the case maybe. This is against the backdrop of your aura of working with diverse people irrespective of where they are from. What has changed?

“We implore you to drastically balance this prejudice by giving attention to other regions outside the West. We call your attention to give considerable attention to young capable Nigerians especially from South East and North Central Regions that have been considerably undermined and less considered in your government.

“As members of APC in CUN, we are feeling disappointed, considering the fact that we hold you more as a nationalist than the president you succeeded. Mr. President it is expedient that members of our great party from these regions South East and North Central be carried along.

“We must draw your attention to the mantra that is speedily gaining traction among Nigerians, that you are ‘Buhari Pro-max’ in nepotism. What this means is that you have taken nepotism beyond where Buhari left it. This perception is injurious as everything will be scaled on the prism of nepotism.

Members of APC in the coalition, however, pledged that they will continue to defend the government with every zest and energy.

“We also wish you will give us the reasons and strong footings to continue to do so.

“We pledge our support to the party and we shall remain faithful and committed to it.”

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