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I am delighted to once again use this opportunity to appreciate the good and loving
people of Kogi State, particularly at this period when it is almost financially difficult

for everyone.
I also express my gratitude to the people for the support to the government, both the
past and present which indicates clearly their zeal to experience a more progressive
Kogi State.

At this juncture, let me say that the unity among the people of Kogi State cannot be
compromised under any guise, hence everyone should play his part well to guarantee
sustainable development.

For the records, Kogi State existed before any other interest, be it political, religious,
ethnic or otherwise, which is why the Kogi Project should be paramount in the minds of all irrespective of any likely difference.

I therefore use this medium to appeal to the people of Kogi State to put their
differences aside and support the present administration in Kogi State which with all
intent and purposes, is seen to be set and properly positioned to ensure sustainable
peace, growth and development of the state.

This appeal is premised on the fact that there can be no progress in an atmosphere
of rancour and disunity, the recent tribunal victory then, should be seen as victory for all in an ideal democracy where players are expected to exhibit spirit of

The people should therefore, close rank, come together, offer useful suggestions as well as provide constructive criticisms to the government, after all, to further justify
the Democratic system of government.

Workers on their part should have much more confidence in this administration,
haven seen some of the good tidings for the working class as well as others in the labour cycle.

We believe the Government of Alhaji Usman Ododo will lead the people to the Promised Land. Above all, let’s pray for a more united, peaceful and prosperous
Kogi State that will be a pride to all.

Comrade Chief Onuh Edoka
Special Adviser, Labour Matters

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