Day 3:St Monica’s College Kabba Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Motivational Talk

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On day 3 of the 60th Anniversary celebrations of St Monica’s College Kabba, students were treated to a captivating motivational talk by an alumna of the 1990 set, Christy O. Emmanuel. A renowned motivational and public speaker, Emmanuel addressed the students on “How to be the Best Version of Yourself.”

During her inspirational talk, Christy Emmanuel highlighted ten key factors that she believes are essential for personal growth and development. These factors include the importance of God in one’s life, the necessity of self-development, the significance of knowing oneself, staying in one’s lane, being true to oneself, loving oneself, being confident, believing in oneself, being diligent, and striving for a touch of excellence in all endeavors.

Emmanuel’s talk resonated deeply with the students, as they were captivated by her words of wisdom and encouragement. Her personal anecdotes and practical advice left a lasting impact on the young minds, igniting a sense of determination and ambition within the student body.

The event was not only a celebration of the school’s rich history but also a testament to the lasting impact of its alumni. As the 60th Anniversary festivities continue, the students and the community of St Monica’s College Kabba are inspired to strive for greatness and embody the values instilled in them by individuals like Christy O. Emmanuel.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, as the students left the hall with a newfound determination to be the best versions of themselves. The 60th Anniversary celebrations were a resounding success, thanks in no small part to the powerful message delivered by Christy O. Emmanuel.

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