Defamation Not Tools To Acquire ALGON- Hon. Taufiq Tells Mr. Muhammed, Interim Management Committee

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The Kogi State ALGON Chairman, Hon. Taufiq Isa has reacted to the statement made by IMC at the late hours of yesterday.

It should be on record that Mr. Muhammed Ibukun is truly a con man who is hell bent on dividing the National body of ALGON and deceiving all by hook or crook to serve as the Secretary General of the association.

It is disheartening that Mr. Ibukun truly don’t know Hon. Taufiq Isa, who will never collect bribe to support a self serving ambition like the one he and other members of the IMC are after.

For the umpteenth time, the Kogi State ALGON Chairman has set the record straight that he did not see any sincerity of purpose and honestly in Mr Muhammed, members of the IMC, this propelled him, Kwara, Sokoto, Gombe, Oyo State ALGON Chairmen to pursue peaceful return of critical stakeholders and majority of the State ALGON Chairmen in oneness and prosperity of ALGON.

Hon. Taufiq is not in any way a Corrupt Politician. He will sing your praises where you are doing well and criticize constructively where necessary. And so, returning back to the Alabi led administration is a well thought out decision taken in the interest of the association.

For clarity, Hon. Taufiq have never will never bad mouth His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello and his Deputy, Chief Edward Onoja. He did not betray Governor Yahaya Bello during the last presidential primaries.

The man (Hon. Taufiq) who did not betray during 2015 and 2019 gubernatorial primaries, will not betray him at this moment. What does any of the aspirants want to offer him that God has not used Alh. Yahaya Bello to do for him?

Furthermore, the Kogi State ALGON Chairman has briefed his legal team to pursue a case of forgery against these few, greedy, self-serving individuals for forging his signature and using his picture as passports on the court papers and affidavit. All these and many more infractions will be heavily challenged in the court of law.

Moreso, let me advice Mr. Muhammed and co that Hon. Taufiq Isa is a contented man who is always satisfied with any thing God gives him. He will not because of money renege on this promise.

I wish to re-emphasize that all questions should be put straight to Mr Muhammed. He was the one who brought Kolade Alabi and supported him in exchange for the position of Secretary General. The message was clear at the last NEC meeting when Hajia Binta opined that ALGON is on the path of glory because the person with a dubious act has been sent packing. Since things fell apart, he cannot put the blame on anyone.

Mr. Muhammed cannot be taken and will not be taken serious henceforth because he is always at logger heads with whosoever is not in support of his false ambitions. Just the way he has insulted, defamed Governor Yahaya Bello in the past for not giving him the House of Assembly ticket.

Without mincing words, someone who cannot win a Councillorship ticket under APC is contesting for Senate under NNPP.

At no point in time was the Kogi State ALGON Chairman sent to Muhammed for settlement, talk more of rejecting an offer. Let he (Muhammed) mention name of any ALGON State Chairman who is in support of his shenanigans.

It is also on record that the last NEC meeting in Lokoja was attended by 34 State ALGON Chairmen including FCT. How many members does the IMC have?

However, it is expedient for Mr. Ibukun to continue to chase his self-serving ambition and leave Hon. Taufiq out of his woes. If pursuing peace and harmony is now a crime, then leave him and the public to judge.

It is also time for Mr. Muhammed to know that there is no VACANCY for him in ALGON, as he is not a State ALGON Chairman nor Management staff. Millions of Muhammed cannot scuttle the agenda of ALGON.

Comrade Othman Hamidu D.

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