Dekina/Bassa 2023:We have to change the narrative and return Hon Usman Okai Austin Cca as elected- Cmrd Danmodu Etu Lucky

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A society is a complex entity that has the good, the bad and the ugly…!

Often times people see law as what constraints the masses from following unethical norms and values.

Kogi state and Dekina/Bassa to be precise is still largely marginalized as a society infrastructuraly.

All the Economic indexes that reflects a resounding cosmopolitan society is being lacking…!

Dekina/Bassa is sitting on a narrow belt of string and a crossroad where there is a pricing policy that should be embarked on. This policy is either to maintain the status quo or embrace an exciting experience and opportunity of Electing Hon Usman Okai Austin Cca as their arrow head at the helms of affairs at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly as member representing the Constituency.

There is a heavy speculation by all in the political climate of Nigeria that Kogi state and especially Kogi East is exerzerpated by a shallow ideologically minded youth population and electorates who just like Esau in the bible preferred a spoon of soup from their political Jacobs and throw away their future.

We have to change this narrative and return Hon Usman Okai Austin Cca elected as their representative.

Austin Okai CCA is Bold, intelligent, elaborate, connected, educated, outspoken, exposed, determined, vocal, enthusiastic, visionary, focused, undistracted and resilient in his plot to massively emancipate his people out of cosmopolitan poverty.

He has a proven track record of equity and fairness.
He has a personal policy of massive Empathy for the poor.

Let’s give Development a chance,
Let’s give Okai the chance to redirect our common vision as a people.

I am Cmrd Danmodu Etu Lucky I sincerely and wholeheartedly endorse Hon Usman Okai Austin Cca for Member representing Dekina/Bassa in the next 2023 general elections.

God Bless Us all.

✍️……… Signed
Comrd Danmodu Etu Lucky
Coordinator #okainetwork2023
Okai Network 2023.

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