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By Mustapha Iko-ojo Adams

Dekina/Bassa had been embroiled with bad leadership and misrepresentation over the years. We have had a crop of representatives who majorly maneuvering there way through the power that being even when they have little or no idea of legislative duties.

Our constituency has been in a dark, and in dare need of voice to speaks for us. Ostensibly, many of them don’t have or couldn’t lend there voice when or where national issues are discussed.

One could easily deduced that it’s not totally the matter of refusal but a matter of “you don’t give what you don’t have”.

Some even sat their to observe the chamber and servicing there own personal interest without recourse to the collective interest of the constituents. While others went to bring us crumbs out of our numerous constituency entitlements.

Our hope has constantly being build on the little expectations and we became inhibited to inadequacy.

This is totally ABSURD and we must rise to change the NARRATIVES.

Let this reawaken our minds to cast our hope on the right path to bring in the man who has a vast knowledge of legislative duties, the courage and tenacity to speaks and raise the motions that will attracts and fostering developmental projects to Dekina/Bassa.

I can perhaps tell you unequivocally that Austin okai has been a voice, infact he has speaks tenaciously on many national issues.

He is a man of uncommon courage, audacity, and brilliant who speaks against injustice and to the power without the fear of unknown.

The emergency of okai as a candidate of PDP in the forthcoming election should be a recollection of hope and a wake up call to every concern citizens of Dekina/ Bassa regardless of party affiliation to rally round okai to bring in the voice and save ourselves from bad representative that left our constituency stagnated.

Mustapha Iko-ojo Adams

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