Dino is the best option for Kogi’s liberation

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AKINOLA, Opeyemi Michael

  1. Ododo is Yahaya Bello’s choice. Yahaya Bello does not own Kogi and so, he is not in position to decide the destiny of Kogi.
  2. Do you enjoy Yahaya Bello’s administration? No, you don’t. Expect worse if Idodo becomes the governor. He is part of the system that caused us this much.
  3. Are you a civil servant in Kogi? Are you a pensioner? If yes is your answer, how often are your salaries and pension allowances paid and on what percentage ? Well, if you are not tired of the sufferings occasioned by the irregular and percentile payment of salaries, you can go ahead to vote Ododo who will do worse. But, if you are tired and you want the best for yourself, run away from APC; run away from Ododo.
  4. Ododo is the political offspring of Yahaya Bello. It is correct to say he has the traits of Bello-type-maladministration in him. Voting Ododo means voting Yahaya Bello. Imagine having Yahaya Bello for another eight years! To say it is terrible is to be euphemistic about it.
  5. Ododo’s endorsement by Yahaya Bello shows that the whole idea is built on ethnic sentiment. Why didn’t Yahaya Bello support an Okun man – a tribe that has never produced a Governor? No, he wouldn’t. He is an Egbira man and he wants his land to produce the governor for another eight years making it a total of sixteen years. Only the enemies of Okun will prefer an Egbira man for another eight years when his land has not produced a governor.
  6. Don’t vote for Ododo because he will not be in charge. It’s what Yahaya Bello tells him to do that he will do. Yahaya Bella may tell him not to pay salaries just as he did and that’s final. That will be catastrophic!
  7. Don’t vote for Ododo. He appears to be one who has determined to loot the state dry.
  8. Yahaya Bello has a lot of things to hide. He doesn’t want his secrets leaked, so he decides to handpick someone who will cover him up.
  9. Don’t vote for Ododo because if you do, the implication is that, Okun will not be privileged to produce a governor in the next sixteen years. How long are we going to be slaves to the two other tribes?
  10. Don’t vote for Ododo because APC is not morally justified to give us the next governor of Kogi State. The governor it gave us turned out to be the worst in history.

Don’t vote for Ododo; vote for an Okun man. Whoever the Okun man is, vote for him. Don’t vote for Ododo: that will be a double whammy tragedies waiting to befall us. God forbid.

AKINOLA, Opeyemi Michael

When I posted about reasons why Kogi people should not vote for Ododo, one of the commenters requested that I should also post about 10 reasons to vote for Dino. I don’t only have 10 reasons, I have more than a thousand reasons. I have decided to post only 50 for now!

“Since this brave century opened, and have noted
A certain permanence, a personality,
A liking almost for each opposition,
A willingness to make the best of things.”
— Edmund Blunden

There are so many heroes and leaders in our time that we have to learn from. If I am to put into one sentence what makes a powerful leader it would be this: one who is driven, passionate, and committed to, and do what is right for others.

Since the return of Democracy 1999, Nigerians have seen different personalities cutting across all political zones. There are many politicians who have distinguised themselves either by being famous for their attitudes, leadership skills or popularity.
No doubt, the name Senator Dino Melaye rings a bell to every Nigerian. A distinguised former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So far, his heroic nature had made him so popular, loved, hated, admired and most especially respected.

Here are 50 reasons why Senator Dino Melaye should be voted for:

  1. He sees himself as a servant.

Many leaders take themselves as leaders and forget they are in political offices to serve the interest of people who elected them. Dino Melaye is different. He takes the people as number one. He sees leadership as a privilege to serve the people. He has proven this as a senator. He fought for the interest of the people throughout.

  1. His love for his people

Dino as a politician represents a figure. A man who believes he has much to offer his society. He’s passionate about his fellow citizens and a philantropist in nature.

  1. He doesn’t speak much

Many will see this as an irony. But take a careful scrutiny at the senator, he represents a man of action. A man who believes action speaks louder than words.

  1. A great lover of democracy

Here is a man who believes in due process in everything he does. His actions irrespective of some selfish interests among colleagues show him as a man who believes power belongs to the people.

  1. A politician without bitterness

One respected fact that stands him out is that he is a man who doesn’t have the time to make enemies. His belief in the tenets of democracy and passion as a leader confirms it.

  1. A man who when knocked down cannot be knocked out.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing, reading lots of negative views about the senator. However, his ability to prove the mischief makers wrong has been his trademark.

  1. A great force to reckon with

For those that believe in democracy and those that do not, senator Dino has shown he is a great force to reckon with. 80% of social media analysis of Nigeria politics makes reference to Sen. Dino as the masses’ friend and a hero.

  1. A man who believes in his principles Senator Dino had shown himself as a man of great principle with great ethical beliefs irrespective of his political party.
  2. A visionary leader

No doubt, Senator Dino epitomises a great man with good visions.

  1. A role model for the youths

Any visionary youth today who had listened to Senator Dino Melaye speak at the upper chamber of the legislature would be amazed by his intelligence and ability to construct his points. His versatile knowledge of the rule of law makes him a man Kogi can be proud of.

  1. Dino has a drive for perfection

Even outside the political realm, friends who are very close to the senator noted he inspires people to be great.

  1. A libral who believes the country must move forward

No doubt, Senator Melaye is a man who supports political and economic freedom, thus respecting and understanding other people’s opinion all for the interest of the nation.

  1. Dino has the Tiger by the tail

The tiger is the common working man in this country who is tired of politics and government policies not favourable. Having senator Dino as a governor, you are assured of good representation. Like him or hate him, he is a leader and he has the Tiger by the tail.

  1. Dino’s integrity is not rehearsed

Mr Dino is truthful. Good or bad, he points things clearly the way it is. Lies are out, unrehearsed truth is in. What you see is what you see, all the cards are on the table, the words are non-rehearsed, flowing forth and engendering a sense of trust.

  1. Dino has consistently championed protectionism His views on national security all point to the fact that the distinguished senator is a man who has the people’s interest at heart.
  2. He is a fearless leader

A major trait that stands him out is his ability to withstand pressure and not intimidated by unnecessary attacks from different quaters. As a youth, senator Dino Melaye epitomises this great leadership trait.

  1. A great motivator

He has a proven record of being resourceful, innovative, and creative in achieving his objectives and goals.

  1. The best among his peers

His real world accomplishments can be directly transferred to leading our state back to greatness as a governor.

  1. Dino is a man of humility.

Aside his courage and integrity, the Kogi born senator is a very friendly fellow who interacts and mixes with different categories of people irrespective of tribe, religion and language.

  1. A great team player

Here is a man who has focus along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyse cooperation amongst his colleagues.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

This is one major trait of leadership, which has been exhibited several times by the senator in the House of Representatives.

  1. Toughness

99% honest political analyst in Nigeria will be honest enough to attest to this fact about Senator Dino Melaye

  1. His Charisma Speaks

Yes, this is a very pervasive trait of the Kogi politician. His charismatic nature makes him well loved and very much admired.

  1. Dino translates vision into reality

Senator Dino Melaye, being a man of vision, has shown overtime, his ability to translate them all into reality. No wonder that he has been an activist right from secondary school, through the years he stayed at ABU and as a lawmaker.

  1. Confidence in his views

Senator Dino, being a man of integrity, has always been confident when expressing his views.

  1. Commitment to the masses

Without sentiments, the Kogi Senator has hitherto shown in his pertinacious approach that he is 100% committed to the yearning of the masses. He has so far shown commitment to the masses in his various initiative programmes. As a senator, numerous projects are to his credit.

  1. Always Positive

Here is a man who is always optimistic in everything he embarks on and it has shown so far in his jene sais quoi.

  1. Ability to inspire

Dino Melaye, no doubt, has got great skills that have definitely been inspirations to many of his admirers, especially the youths.

  1. A man with an excellent, intuative ability

A close encounter with the senator, one will be very quick to realise he is a man with an excellent, intuative ability. His good judgements and approach to issues confirm to this fact.

  1. Perspicacious Approach

Dino has shown he is a man who is able to understand someone and something quickly. He has shown this accurately in the upper legislative chamber.

  1. A great commander

To many people in Kogi, the great charismatic nature of Sen Dino Melaye has shown and has depicted as a great commander. As a youth leader in his time, he has shown himself to be a great commander.

  1. His fight to end corruption in Nigeria

A man at 47, irrespective of his political affiliation has proven to be the most consistent whistle blower and anti-corruption campaigner in National Assembly since the advent of Democracy.
His revelation of the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Runaway contract awarded at the sum of N64 billion. His revelation to Nigerians how Dimeji Bankole embezzled and misappropriated over $59 million between 2008 and 2009. Through him, Nigerians became aware about the “grasscutters” awarding contracts to themselves.

  1. The Most Influential

History will record him as the most influential lawmaker and personality in Nigeria legislature. His ability to read out and scruitinize bills, motions. Little wonder that people from many parts of the world come to learn at his feet. Most of his colleagues seek his opinion.

  1. A great philantropist.

Here is a man who has touched the lives of many. A leader who has sponsored children to acquire education. A man who has spread love to the disenfranchised in the society. I know of eleven undergraduates of Unilorin where I School that are being sponsored by Dino Melaye.

  1. A man with great vision for his people

Here is a man who is passionate and committed to his people. He is a man of great vision for his people.

  1. A servant-leader (voice of the voiceless)

The Kogi West senator is very well loved by his people because of his simple nature. He is the voice of the voiceless. A real servant leader who has shown he has the interest of the people at heart.

  1. The most uncommon leader our time

Many politicians and leaders today haven’t justified why they are representing their people. Senator Dino has shown to Nigerians that he is the most uncommon leader of our time. As an indegene of Mopamuro, I can testify to this.

  1. An exceptional leader Nigeria needs

Just like Winston Churchill saving the world from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s evil agenda, the people of Britain and the world will forever be grateful to Churchill who wasn’t intimidated by the German Fuhrer. Churchill used wise words to win the hearts of many.
Senator Dino Melaye through his nature has been exceptional in this mould.

  1. Strong conviction and determination

The senator has shown strong convictions and determination in his views which are people-friendly.

  1. An inspiration to us

Regardless of what his critics say, Senator Dino has been very inspirational to Many lovers of democracy.

  1. Appearance & personality

The Kogi West Senator got the personality and5 appearance to make people love him. His personality as a democrat can never be ignored.

  1. Oratory prowess

Just like the great Winston Churchill, senator Dino has exhibited the right efficacious, oratory prowess. He got the right words for each situation.

  1. Boundless energy

His boundless, tireless drive to make things right in the interest of the masses is enough to make Kogi prefer Him to Ododo.

  1. Entertaining the masses

One cannot deny the fact that the great senator entertains people in his jovial way, especially how he reacts to some situation and criticisms.

  1. His belief in civic rights

A major trait in senator Dino is his beliefs in civic right. He advocates equal right and justice.

  1. Very perceptive

Senator Dino, because of his passion for the masses, is always eager to listen and give attention to his people, especially if there are complaints. He listens to his people. He will be a listening governor.

  1. Ability to handle crisis.

His ability to respond to unexpected situations and crisis is a big plus to Kogi

  1. A man who is not driven by unnecessary impulse

He is a man who understands his actions and will not do anything to jeopardise the people’s trust in him.

  1. Extra ordinary capacities

His extra ordinary drive for excellence makes him very exceptional. He has the extra ordinary capacity to perform many tasks required of him.

  1. The windhover

Taking this from the poet, Gerard Hopkins, in his poem “The windhover”. Senator Dino Melaye is an eagle. He got the ability to study situations well before making his claims and judgements. Even when attacked and defamed, the former Kogi West Senator always takes his time to study things well before plunging.

Leaders of power and purpose are visionary people determined to setting the course for what they feel is needed to make life better for all who follow them and believe in them. Senator Dino Melaye has shown the youths that he is one of the powerful leaders of our time. So why won’t the masses love him?

Dino is the best option for Kogi’s liberation!

By AKINOLA, Opeyemi Michael

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