Dino Melaye Choosing the First Female Deputy Governor, A Win for Kogi Women

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In a bold and groundbreaking move, Dino Melaye, the prominent Nigerian politician, has chosen to make history by appointing the first female deputy governor in Kogi State. This momentous decision not only signifies progress but also promises a sense of belonging and empowerment for Kogi women under Melaye’s administration.

Hajia Muhammed Deen Habiba, the chosen candidate for the position of deputy governor, hails from Ankpa local government. This selection holds tremendous significance for the people of Ankpa, as it showcases their representation at the highest levels of government. With this appointment, Dino Melaye has ensured that the voice and concerns of Ankpa, a vital constituency, will be given the attention they rightfully deserve.

Moreover, the appointment of a female deputy governor sends a powerful message to the entire state of Kogi. It signifies that women are an integral part of governance and decision-making processes, and their capabilities and contributions must be acknowledged and utilized. This historic move by Dino Melaye not only breaks gender barriers but also paves the way for increased female representation in leadership positions across the state.

The significance of this appointment is not limited to symbolic gestures alone. It holds tangible benefits for Dino Melaye’s political ambitions as well. Ankpa local government, being the only local government without a governorship candidate, is now more likely to throw its support behind Dino and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). With other local governments in Kogi East having their own candidates, the division of votes in those regions works in Dino’s favor, giving him a considerable advantage in the East.

The dawn of Dino Melaye’s administration in Kogi promises a new era of progress, inclusivity, and empowerment. Known for his outspoken nature and commitment to social justice, Dino brings a fresh perspective to the political landscape. By appointing Hajia Muhammed Deen Habiba as the first female deputy governor, Dino Melaye demonstrates his commitment to promoting gender equality and creating opportunities for women in leadership positions.

Under Melaye’s leadership, Kogi women can look forward to an administration that prioritizes their needs, aspirations, and concerns. The appointment of a female deputy governor not only ensures that women’s voices are heard but also provides a role model for future generations of women in Kogi. This decision sends a powerful message to young girls across the state, showing them that they too can aspire to hold positions of power and influence.

-Written by Robert Arome Eboh

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