Dino Melaye:This man is focused , he is thorough and he knows what he wants-Kemi Sisi Eko (2019)

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I want to shake table today but before I do, lemme sleep first, I need about 100 hours of sleep, my eyes are very heavy

Yesterday while going on tour of Lokoja LGA with Senator Dino Melaye , suddenly he said ” I intend to be rapturable, I intend to make heaven by all means”

Chineke god , that must be the most scintillating words to be spoken by anyone in my hearings for as long as I can remember. Then it struck me, this man is focused , he is thorough and he knows what he wants, you may not like him but you have to respect him, you may not like his name or his ways but you will surely respect him

As for me, I have always known him to be the kind of person that wants something, he goes after it and gets it, when I see people like that , I hold them in a very high esteem, not a lot of people can boast of being like that.

You will have to meet this guy to get a full grasp of who is he and even after meeting him, you may not really know all, he is a very public person and very very private person, you cannot get past what he wants you to know about him

Good morning Abuja, Good morning Nigeria , right now my eyes are “Turnioninown”
Peace out !

me: anyday, anytime, Kemi Sisi Eko says the obvious, just the way it is. I always give that to her

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