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The vision of a Kogi State united in destiny and oneness crystallised in Ilorin yesterday, when Senator Dino Melaye, the Flagbearer of the People’s Democratic Party in the November 11, 2023 Kogi State Gubernatorial election held a support mobilisation engagement for Kogi Indigenes resident in Ilorin.

The large population of Kogi State Compatriots who had remained in Kwara State after the creation of Kogi State from Kwara State turned out in excitement to receive one of their own, who is seeking election into the office of the Governor of their home State later this year.

Elated by the public display of affection by the Ebiras, Igalas, Okuns, Bassa, Ogori and other sub-nationalities that converged on E-Phoenix Hotel to receive him, Senator Dino Melaye described the gathering as a practical reflection of his vision to have One Kogi, One Destiny, which has become his campaign theme for the election season. His impression was bolstered by the anchor of Igala presentations at the parley, who remarked that the dance steps exhibited by the Igalas were fed from the drum beats of Ebira artistes, emphasising the unity that governs the relationship of the diaspora Kogi in Ilorin.

Assuring the excited crowd of his commitment to the full integration of various ethnic expressions in Kogi State, Melaye assured, consistent with his previous undertakings, that he would not be an Okun Governor, or Ebira Governor or Igala Governor, but the Governor of Kogi State.

He assured further that he would neither be a Christian Governor nor a Muslim Governor, but a Governor that conducts himself with the fear of God.

Representatives of various groups presented a common request that centred on the rehabilitation of the Ilorin-Kabba road to facilitate regular visit to their home State, security along the highways connecting Kogi and Kwara States, youth employment and the conduct of a free and fair election

The PDP Flagbearer promised attention to the requests and more, pledging that the mineral, agricultural, and the human resources of Kogi State would all be harnessed to promote the well-being and the prosperity of the State.

Earlier on the sideline of the interaction, the leadership and members of Okun Development Association, among whom were Dr Kayode Ige, Prof Albert Anjorin, Engr Oyebode, Mrs Popoola, Chief Ayo Abereoran, Engr Arungbemi, and Chief Kayode Adegbayo held a session with Senator Dino Melaye. Apparently impressed by his elocution and visionary articulation, the group applauded his grasp of the socio-economic issues of Kogi State. They requested him to revert on the areas they could support him to emerge as the next Governor of Kogi State.

Senator Dino Melaye had in his entourage political actors from the various parts of the State. The import of his political network and inclusive politics was not lost on his hosts, who commended his versatility and cosmopolitan disposition to social cohesion and the collective progress of Kogi State.

-SDM Media Team

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